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  1. NeilH

    Mongolian Beef

    Very nice !!
  2. NeilH

    76¢ steaks using the new Royal Oak All Natural

    Nice looking cook, Bob. Will have to try the RO, I like their other products.
  3. NeilH

    Craycort customer service ?

    Ok, the latest is that PayPal will pay for up to 13 return shipping fees within a year. Just simply send them a picture of the shipping address on the box you’re sending back and a picture of the total amount on the actual receipt. I did that and they have already started processing the $13...
  4. NeilH

    Craycort customer service ?

    Well after a few back and forths with PayPal and trying to get them to negotiate with Craycort, still nothing. Craycort wants me to pay shipping for the wrong item they sent me. I have the receipt of what I ordered and received the wrong item and they want even pay for the return shipping fee...
  5. NeilH

    Craycort customer service ?

    That’s what I ended up doing. Still no word from the company yet. (I did order another set through amazon which came from Craycort but haven’t used them yet.) I just want a refund for the wrong product they sent through their website.
  6. NeilH

    Craycort customer service ?

    I recently placed an order for the 22.5” grates but received two grates that were 10”x8”. I have no idea what they go too but are the wrong item. My order and receipt even say otherwise. Problem is, they are non existent as far as contacting. I call their number but the recording says to go to...
  7. NeilH

    Night Time Grilling - How do you illuminate?

    I use this also and works great. Head lamps just end up covered with grease, especially grilling wings.
  8. NeilH

    Craycort Grates ?

    Thanks, John, I had read the same. I'll swap out when I use the vortex also.
  9. NeilH

    Craycort Grates ?

    Thanks guys, I"m gonna give the Craycort a shot.
  10. NeilH

    Craycort Grates ?

    I was wondering if the vortex would fit under the grates ?
  11. NeilH

    Craycort Grates ?

    Is it possible to use Craycort grates with the vortex? Just checking before going the craycort route.
  12. NeilH

    Hello Friends

    I timed my return just right. Good to see you Tony. Hope all is well brother.
  13. NeilH

    WSM 18.5 with Maverick for sale

    I have a lightly used WSM with the Maverick 732 controller, extra long probes, cover, rib rack and all original parts for $325. Also included is a thermapen used a few times. Garage kept the whole life of it.
  14. NeilH

    WSM Leaks

    The Cajun Bandit door is a great addition that seals off well.
  15. NeilH

    Vortex Question

    Love my Vortex with cast iron grates. Chicken wings and whole chickens come out great. It's also great to use for searing.
  16. NeilH

    Today's Ice Storm Birds

    Nice pics Bob!!
  17. NeilH

    Hanging Turkey

    I've hung chicken and use the rack exclusively to smoke my ribs. No issues at all and does a great job. Add another to the list. :)
  18. NeilH

    Wings on the Vortex, again! This time with sides and dessert!

    Nice team effort for sure!!!!
  19. NeilH

    2016 Thanksgiving Turkey

    Nice looking Turk!!!
  20. NeilH

    More wings and a loaded pizza....

    Looks great. I love using the vortex for wings. Easiest way to grill them.