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  1. Tim L.

    Tri Tip

    superb looking cook. I have tried so many different rubs on TT and the one everyone consistently enjoys the most is MSS. Thanks for the share!
  2. Tim L.

    Caught 17 trout!

    Incredible! Hopefully you left some trout, b/c now that I know of this place I may have to visit! My brother n law has a condo in Lake Arrowhead, so I'm up in that general area once a month or so. Thanks so much!
  3. Tim L.

    I've cooked the most good short plate beef ribs ever just by chance.

    A beautiful result! Grazie per aver condiviso (hope that makes sense) :)
  4. Tim L.

    Smoked Turkey breast on the baby WSM

    Oooh, looks like smokey deliciousness. Thank you
  5. Tim L.

    Spring like grilling and a new beer

    Need to get a hold of some of that tatanka. Seems to be popular. Thanks!
  6. Tim L.

    My Best Yakatori Yet

    Beautiful. My dad used to serve me mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs and ketchup. Fond memories, but this looks just a little bit tastier :)
  7. Tim L.

    Grilled Tilapia Tacos with Jalapeno Margs

    "muddled." Had to look that one up! Great post. Thanks
  8. Tim L.

    Flat on my new 14.5 WSM

    Hmmm, I"m getting more and more sold on that unit. At first it just seemed way too small, but it seems to have some real uses. Thank you!!
  9. Tim L.

    Cedar Planked Salmon w/ Honey Lime Dressing and Brussel Sprouts w/ garlic and honey

    Looks good to me! I know what you mean about the pics. It's nice to have a wife or kid help out. O/w I either forget to take pics, or forget to do something related to the cook. Thanks for a great post!
  10. Tim L.

    Weber Q doing a great job.

    Wow man, that asada looks great. I'd rather eat those than a taco shop taco. And bet it had some great heat. Thanks!!
  11. Tim L.

    Some more ham...

    Very cool. Not something I would have thought of. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Tim L.

    My last couple cooks!!

    Awesome cooks. Love how the 'shrooms get a ring-o-beef around them to keep them happy. Hope it warms up for you soon. Cheers
  13. Tim L.

    My weekly chix grill

    I prefer the way you did yours, but both look tasty. Love the paper plate. Easy clean up!
  14. Tim L.


    What a cool idea. And seemed to have worked great. Thanks Jim. Always enjoy your posts.
  15. Tim L.

    Cornish Game Hens

    Thanks Cliff!!!
  16. Tim L.

    KFC Wings yes, more cowbell, err, chicken

    may be simple, but that looks VERY good! thank you!
  17. Tim L.

    Marinated Chuck Steaks

    That marinade looks SUPERB. Thanks for the great post!
  18. Tim L.

    Cornish Game Hens

    Great post. MInd sharing the cornbread recipe? Buttermilk always makes cornbread taste better. I've been using the Grandmothers Buttermilk cornbread recipe for a while now. But always interested in trying something new. Thanks!
  19. Tim L.

    Herbed Lamb Rack

    I bet you guys have tasty lamb there. Looks very good. Thanks!
  20. Tim L.

    Cantastic Stuffed Chile Burgers

    AWesome man. Love the creativity of how you used these simple ingredients. Thanks!