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    14.5” - 101

    You've touched on my biggest problem with the 14.5. Cooks longer than 8 -9 hours with Kingsford, which is my charcoal of choice, require dumping ash and reloading with lit charcoal. I use Royal Oak Natural sometimes but still don't get the 12 hour cook without having to reload and dumping ash...
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    Sunday Night Pizza Night

    Those look excellent!!
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    Burger Night

    Great pics and I like the way the burger turned out. Nice job.
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    Another new Kingsford charcoal coming soon?

    That's interesting and I hope it comes to market. My cook times for KBB is way down over previous years. Once upon a time I could get 14 hours on my 18.5" WSM with a full chamber, now it's more like 10 hours.
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    $40 14.5 WSM today

    Looks like you may have won the lowest price paid award, brand new, for the 14.5". That is a killer price.
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    14.5 Bandwagon

    Good choice to use Stubbs. You'll be glad from an ash buildup standpoint.
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    Tri-Tip on the Performer

    Outstanding. Tri Tip looks perfect
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    My new 14.5" WSM Smoker!!! $99 deal too!

    That is a great looking bird. Because you posted this, I went to one of our local Walmart stores and found their last one marked for $50, already assembled with everything included. It is now in my garage. Thank you, thank you!
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    Target clearance sales?

    Our Target has grilling gear on clearance now. iGrill mini is $27, most items are 30% off.
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    Fathers Day Tri-Tip

    Great looking dinner! All of it looks like it was cooked to perfection.
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    Secret to getting pizza onto stone on the grill?

    All, thanks for the advice. Will try later this week and provide some feedback
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    Secret to getting pizza onto stone on the grill?

    What is the secret with pizza dough that makes it easy to slide from peel to the stone on the grill? I use a pre made refrigerated soft dough from Publix bakery and it is sticks to the surface of the pan when I add the sauce and toppings. Are any of you adding flour to the dough to make it...
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    Cornish Game Hens

    I like that dinner, and I like it a lot!
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    Pizza dinner

    Those pizzas look great!
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    Prime New York Steaks

    The plated shot is pure money! I have been on a run of steak cooks lately and I don't know that I have put out anything that looks that good.
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    Fried Fish

    That is some righteous looking fish, seriously.
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    Shrimp grill/smoker

    Shrimp po boy looks good.
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    Smokeday weekend in Prague

    All of it, nicely done!
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    Shepherd’s Pie on the Gasser

    So that's Shephards pie, yowzer, it looks good. Nice finish on the top of the pie and I like the plates. All around cool cook.
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    40 pounds of Chicken Wings!

    Impressive effort. Wings look good, especially on the kettle. Need to do some wings soon.