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    Do blower fans really make that much of a difference?

    Before my time bread used to come unsliced. I’m sure by many the failure to evenly slice a whole loaf was a weakness, but the saying goes something like the best thing since sliced bread, right?
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    Smoker for someone that doesn’t want to use coal or spend $1,000?

    I‘ve had 4 Traegers and other than a firmware problem on the Pro 575 (release woes when the new WiFire was first released, like early SmokeFire problems), I never had any issues with them. If I were choosing another sub $800 pellet grill, I’d be looking for a CampChef first, but Traeger would...
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    Weber Smokefire 3rd edition

    Anything with a solid drip pan and side exhaust stack will not compete at all with other designs flavor wise.
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    Spirit II (Natural Gas) grill won't sear.... (warning: Manifesto!)

    Ok, this is 5 pages long, so I’ll admit I just skimmed it. I had a E-210 a few years ago that I picked up at a Wally World end of season blow out. It seared about like your pics and it was gone the next Spring. I know you don‘t have to cook everything at Mach 10, but it’s nice to put a little...
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    Need advice using Fireboard + Pit Viper on Weber Summit

    I’ve never had problems with mine so never put that much thought in it. I run the Pit Viper damper wide open. If I’m cooking under 300°, I fully close the boom vent on the WSCG and the top is open maybe 1/8”. If I’m cooking over 300, I usually open the bottom vent about halfway between closed...
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    Cheap pellet storage options?

    If you’re buying a 20lb bag of pellets, you can get a 5 gallon bucket and a gamma seal lid for it. If you’re buying the little 3 or 5 lb bags, you could get a pet food container.
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    Anyone seen this?

    @LMichaels I hope that new cooker works well for you, That price is a great way to test the pellet world out and insulated pellet grills really are not that common, especially at that price point. There’s a lot of great features on that grill if it works well. As others have mentioned, if it...
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    Blowout Sale Weber Smokefire Stealth

    If you look at the pics on various sites, the Stealth has a different hopper with a relocated pellet sensor and is shaped differently on the short side and the finger guard at the top of the hopper. There’s a light inside the grill, different casters, and the crafted grate system. So, at least a...
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    Is The Smokefire a Failure or Success and What Proves It?

    I didn’t look at the question as is the SmokeFire good or bad, I viewed it as has it been successful business venture for Weber? The SmokeFire is awesome when it works well and I believe from what I see it is more consistent all the time. However, from a business point of view it gets little...
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    Wagyu Searing Advice

    Wagyu Tallow is pretty good too 😉 I just wasn’t going to suggest ordering a can for one steak. Bet it would go well in mashed potatoes too. After all that was McDonald‘s trick (I doubt wagyu though) for years until vegetarians and vegans started crying.
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    Wagyu Searing Advice

    I’ve heard people actually prefer Wagyu medium when they eat most ‘normal’ steaks at medium rare. The theory is it starts melting more of that marbling making an even juicier steak. How thick is the steak? If it‘s around 1.5” I’d smoke it at 200-255 until about 10-15 degrees from your target...
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    Is The Smokefire a Failure or Success and What Proves It?

    I know grilling tends to be male dominated, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess gals own more than .1 percent of SmokeFires. If we’re going to stereotype, they could be more likely to read the manual too. I‘d like to think after a decade of using pellet grills the issues I encountered...
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    Is The Smokefire a Failure or Success and What Proves It?

    I would say a failure because outside of here I see little about the SmokeFire other than making fun of it. Seems they’ve really struggled to get past the negative launch perceptions. I do hope they continue to improve it and keep building the software team and improving practices they need to...
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    How are the Meaters these days?

    I have a Meater+. I’ve never had a problem with it, but prefer my Fireboard when I’m not using a rotisseri. I have a Combustion Inc. set pre-ordered and would recommend waiting to see reviews on it in the wild before buying a meater like @BFletcher suggested. The biggest drawback to the Meater...
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    Anyone getting a Stealth?

    If the EPX4 was available here, I’d consider selling my Genesis and getting one just for high temp cooks. Watching you guys for the past year, it seems Weber might have finally ironed out the software to a mostly stable condition. I still love my MAK more than a SmokeFire, especially for low and...
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    What do you use to catch pellets during changes?

    Those are good pellets although a little ashy. Don’t tell anyone else, but I believe they are Lumberjack MHC Blend 😉 When I’m not using CookinPellets, I’m using the MHC or Grillmaster blend in my MAK.
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    ThermoWorks new online ordering system issues...

    In the long haul, the new system is hopefully better. As an IT professional, you have to weigh the ROI in the cost of migrating past orders to the new system. Generally, it’s a waste of money as the past orders are completed and if you support the past sales (like Thermoworks generally goes...
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    Vortex and the E6 Kamado — need some help

    I’ve used the vortex in the WSCG several times running wide open and never had that, just fantastic results. I usual just run fully open on the top, not flipped up. Did your rub have a ton of sugar? I usually do wings, but have done legs and thighs too.
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    Best cash back credit cards.

    The bank/credit card company charges the business a fee. Usually 2-3 percent, I believe. In today‘s world it’s just a cost of running a business, meaning we all pay more. Cashback rewards cost the credit card company and people that are good with credit make them very little. However, those that...
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    What would you pay for a new EX6 1st Generation?

    At that price, any frustrations you encounter become more palatable. I’d also agree that it’s worth asking if they’d take less since they don’t seem to be selling. If Weber will warranty it and send you the welded chute, seems like a steal.