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  1. Tracy Seelhammer

    1958 Weber Product Catalog

    I haven't looked through all the old catalogs that you have available here (yet) - I wonder when the lawyers got involved and told them to STOP advertising that you could use these indoors?
  2. Tracy Seelhammer

    Winners: $50 Amazon E-Gift Cards

    Thanks Chris! Love this site!
  3. Tracy Seelhammer

    Netflix Series

    AD gets better every time you watch it. It's almost impossible to catch all of the joke threads that they wove through the first 3 seasons on a one-time watch; I've watched it at least 4 times and I find something new every time!
  4. Tracy Seelhammer

    WSM 18.5 drip pan on top of water pan

    That's the one I picked up (actually, asked for and received as a gift). Without the foil, it's pretty tight to the water pan, but when wrapped with foil it leaves plenty of room for the steam to escape.
  5. Tracy Seelhammer

    WSM 18.5 drip pan on top of water pan

    I've used a tray over my water pan in my 22.5", and was surprised at how much water actually steamed up and escaped. I foiled the tray, which caused the 89% perfect seal to be broken up a bit, so I'm sure that's why it was easier to get steam out (no need to 'blow the top off'). I'll continue...
  6. Tracy Seelhammer

    From farm, err yard to table collards

    We've got 7 or 8 collard green plants in our garden right now. We've held off on stripping any leaves (so far). My wife tells me that her research has found that they become significantly sweeter after the first frost. If you are in an area where that doesn't happen/happens too late, you might...
  7. Tracy Seelhammer

    Getting ready to parboil your brats?

    If I don't boil my brats first, but bring them up slowly to just under a simmer... would that be parsimmering?
  8. Tracy Seelhammer

    Bacon: Do you use pink curing salt?

    The 'uncured' label you see in the supermarkets just means that they haven't used the direct sodium nitrite (or is is nitrate?) in their cure, but if you look closely at the ingredients it will include celery, which is naturally occurring nitrates. Still 'cured', but with natural nitrates...
  9. Tracy Seelhammer

    The Humor Thread

  10. Tracy Seelhammer

    Camp Ribs, BBQ & other food (easiest way possible)

    Was super super easy. I precooked the sausage at home. Took a sheet of premade crust (thin, that comes in tubes), put half of it down in the pan, added a bit of sauce, cheese, and sausage, folded the rest of the crust over, and used up the rest of the sausage, sauce, and cheese. Baked it, let it...
  11. Tracy Seelhammer

    Camp Ribs, BBQ & other food (easiest way possible)

    We're pretty close to moving up to more of a camper like experience, just so we don't have to crawl off of an air mattress when it's time to get out of bed (and are getting to the point of needing to do that more than once a night!)
  12. Tracy Seelhammer

    Camp Ribs, BBQ & other food (easiest way possible)

    I like the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven because it has two burners on top (I think mine are 7,200 BTU), and I have grill pan that 'kinda' fits over both the burners. Camp Chef sells ones that is better designed for this, but I'm doing ok with my makeshift setup. At another music festival, we fed over...
  13. Tracy Seelhammer

    Rain proofing HM 4.3

    This Rain Box is designed for blowers, but could you do something similar in a smaller fashion to meet your needs?
  14. Tracy Seelhammer

    Camp Ribs, BBQ & other food (easiest way possible)

    In several other discussions in the Forums, I've talked about what I do with leftover meats after a smoking session. I've got a 22.5" WSM, and in the interest of using the charcoal in the most efficient way possible, I pack the smoker to smoke as much as I can. Once cooled, the meat...
  15. Tracy Seelhammer

    If you refill your propane tanks at Tractor Supply..

    Wait, what? I get my 20 lb tanks filled at the propane dealer so that I get the full tank (19+ lbs). If I wanted just the 15 lb, I'd do the trade in thing:
  16. Tracy Seelhammer

    Preparing for competition

    Harry has competed with a tiny cooker... It's not a true 14" WSM, but pretty darn close.
  17. Tracy Seelhammer

    Smoked Cream Cheese

    Tried this on Saturday (had some spare room on the smoker, why waste the space?). Did one covered with Ranch Dressing Mix (dry) and Onion Soup Mix (also dry). The onion was my favorite. 3 hours at 225 degrees F. Will do this again, every time smoker is warmed up. Can't wait to try with other...
  18. Tracy Seelhammer

    The Humor Thread

    My apologies in advance to those who use the pellet smokers.
  19. Tracy Seelhammer

    Ribs - didn't go as planned

    I just read something YESTERDAY about the different classifications of baby back/pork back ribs, and for the life of me, I cannot find it today. Sorry if my remembering translation if choppy. It basically broke down that EXTRA MEATY back ribs are extra meaty because they leave a bunch of the...
  20. Tracy Seelhammer

    Cold Smoking Accessory

    I've only used pellets and have struggled with the 5x8. I have a heck of a time getting the pellets started and keeping the pellets going. The instructions say: Set your MAZE on a level surface or grate. With a propane torch on low, light the pellets through the starter hole for 45 seconds. A...