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  1. dwayne e

    Prime Rib?

    I agree, no benefit to low and slow for this type of meat in my opinion........I pull it out at Medium Rare and let it rest. My wife likes well done; I'll slice hers thin and pan sear to get it well and I can still enjoy mine a little on the rare side.
  2. dwayne e

    Freezing brisket?

    I do it all the time, no worries. If I see some on sale, I'll stock up and into the freezer it goes.
  3. dwayne e

    I'll be attending Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ class 2/15/14 in Oakland

    man, I wish I could go............if the class was in Baltimore/Wash/Philly, I'd probably go for it!!
  4. dwayne e

    Keeping masonry/pavers in BBQ pit area clean?

    My cookers set on a natural stone patio. I use a large rubber mat under the smoker. Every 6-8 months (or so), I power wash and seal it. No worries.
  5. dwayne e

    Is the Charcoal Rim in my WMS necessary?

    I have never been grilled like this babeee-eee-eeee!!!!!!
  6. dwayne e

    McBob Dinner in Wisconsin

    I had the "2 for $3" special and Mickey D's this morning and yours look (and I'm sure taste) MUCH better!!! great job!
  7. dwayne e

    Smoked Corn?

    For me, smoking most vegetables is about moderation. I like to impart a little smoke on the veggies and then get them in foil......or I use a minimal amout of smoke wood and once it's gone, let the CC finish the job. I've done corn with no husk and "over" smoked it, and it tasted more like...
  8. dwayne e

    Roadside Chicken questions for a Rookie

    I've done many batches of RSC without oil in the marinade with great results. I usually do mine on the Performer and leave 1/3 to 1/2 with no coals, periodically rotating on and off the heat........usually a 30-40 minute cook. Cook time is shortened if I'm not tending the fire, but it tends to...
  9. dwayne e

    An ornery brisket

    and I agree, you probably missed the tender zone and it was overcooked imho.
  10. dwayne e

    An ornery brisket

    I start checking for probe tender around 185-190. When the flat is done, I separate it from the point and the point goes back in foiled for at least a couple more hours. I think last time, I left the point in for another three hours and I cubed it and it came out like beef candy! The flat...
  11. dwayne e

    Gimme' some ideas for a 'new" pork butt technique please

    I've been on a butt roll lately......lots of family requests. Mine are plain and simple. I almost always do two at a time on the top grate. I trim very close, removing as much visible fat as possible. There is plenty of fat inside to flavor the meat. I've never injected. I rub heavily with...
  12. dwayne e

    Thịt lợn Việt

    if you weren't in Europe, I'd be right over to try some of THAT!!! nice job and thanks for sharing.....adding to my list of things to try
  13. dwayne e

    amount/kind of wood do you use?!?

    I'm about the same......I use both Apple and Hickory and experiment with the mixture. I really haven't noticed a lot of difference in the result. The only wood I really don't care for is Mesquite......imparts a flavor that too strong for my taste.
  14. dwayne e

    How to clean water bowl

    This is my method.......I use a dry foiled pan and rarely clean it. Once in a while I hit it with a wire brush. That's about it.
  15. dwayne e

    Brisket Rub

    Thanks for the inspiration.....I subbed ground chipotle for cayenne and Frank's for tobasco.....It's all I had and my family lives more on the milder side.....all I can say is it turned out wonderful!!! I did a whole packer using the HH method, best brisket to date.
  16. dwayne e

    Apple, Pecan, and Smoked Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops

    all I can say is WOW!! there's a lot there to digest, both literally and figuratively!! I will be stealing this method for sure!! Thanks for sharing!
  17. dwayne e

    The Most Ugliest but Delicious Meatloaf in Town Tonight!

    I'll be right over for a plate of that "ugly" meatloaf!!! looks the idea of incorporating veggies into the meatloaf, going to give it a try VERY soon....maybe tomorrow.
  18. dwayne e

    What's the best method to sharpen knives

    I'm Lansky user myself.....the Apex system looks like Lansky on steroids!! I may have to give this a try........I like having sharp knives!!
  19. dwayne e

    2 butts vs 1 - how much more time?

    I cook 2 all the time in a cook time has been about 12 hours give or take. Timing vs. cooking only one is virtually unchanged, once the cooker comes up to temp (may take a few minutes longer to come up to temp). I've been using an empty/foiled pan with no worries. I also do not...
  20. dwayne e

    Point of whole chickens?

    My family just discards the skin any way........high heat on the kettle is how I usually roll. I try the WSM from time to time........the kettle is much easier to regulate high heat imho. I love breaking down whole chickens and making chicken salad with the leftovers. Grilled/Smoked chickens...