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  1. Matthew Turner

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    I use disposable aluminum dutch oven liners. They are usually dry unless I'm doing Pastrami and then they get the water bath. After a lot of trial and error, the water bath just works for Pastrami. I also smoke Pastrami on the bottom cooking grate.
  2. Matthew Turner

    Favorite "not so usual" pizza topping

    Sauce is simple. A 28oz. can of San Marzano tomatoes. 2 cloves of garlic, minced. 1T dried oregano. 2 anchovies fillets, minced. Salt and pepper. Take it for a whirl in the food processor until smoothish. Every once in a while I'll add up to a teaspoon of sugar if the tomatoes are on the acidic...
  3. Matthew Turner

    what are you cooking for labor day weekend ?

    Last Night (Friday) was Chicago style deep dish in cast iron. Fabulous. Tonight is simple baby backs on the kettle with vinegar slaw and charred corn on the cob on the Silver B. Tomorrow is pastrami, both a flat and a point, on the WSM served on rye with mustard and Swiss with kettle chips and...
  4. Matthew Turner

    Coleslaw for pulled pork sandwich

    When serving with BBQ, I always make a vinegar slaw or substitute 2% milkfat yogurt for the mayonnaise if going creamy. BBQ is so rich and fatty, the the mayo is really overkill.
  5. Matthew Turner

    Favorite "not so usual" pizza topping

    I love pepperoni (usual) and spinach (not so usual). I also love the crab rangoon pizza at Fongs in Des Moines. That whole pie is unusual. Though unusual for many, all of my pizzas get anchovies. They get processed into the sauce. All those unsuspecting people who think they don't like...
  6. Matthew Turner

    Kitchen Hack - what’s yours?

    Microplaned garlic is way more potent, even spicy, than minced. That microplane creates way more cell damage than a sharp knife. I use the microplane for garlic a lot but it doesn't not do subtle. Even tiny amounts of microplaned garlic are bold. Microplaned fresh garlic in a basic Franks and...
  7. Matthew Turner

    Kitchen Hack - what’s yours?

    I love this thread. My mother wasn't much of a cook so I didn't learn much from her except that a jar of Ragu is a pretty dismal pasta sauce. I learned from TV chefs; PBS when I was young (Graham Kerr, Paul Prudhomme, Jeff Smith, Martin Yan) and then Food Network and the like as an adult. I...
  8. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    A thermometer on a 22" makes some sense. It will never measure cooking grate temps but will serve as a fine point of reference. A lid thermometer on a 37" grill is just stupid. Who cares what the dome temp is when the cooking grate temps might vary by 100° or more given the size? Plus, the...
  9. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    Here's the odd thermometer mod.
  10. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    So much for breaking it in with an easy burger/dog cook. Bone in ribeye and a grilled salad. Amazingly held rock steady at 345 and rebounded quickly when the lid was removed.
  11. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    A few burger/hot dog/sausage cooks before anything serious should help dial it in. I'm sure the top venting is a lot more useful in temp management than on the WSM or kettle. I might add some extensions for the bottom daisy wheels. I've seen some daisy week mods using generic hardware store file...
  12. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    Yes. Came with a very nice cover. We don't have a ton of room. Maybe my wife doesn't need her garage spot. The WRK is about the size of her car. Need to train our two unaltered male dogs that it is not a "target."
  13. Matthew Turner

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    A Ranch Kettle came up on Marketplace (the only reason to have Facebook) about 30 minutes away in the 'burbs. Most I've seen recently have been $600-1,200 and not particularly close. The price was right on this one. I told myself on the drive if the cooking grate was rotted, I was walking...
  14. Matthew Turner

    Big Change(s) at Weber - From sizzle to fizzle

    Uh...sorry but this is completely off. Grilling and BBQ culture has always extended to African Americans and Latinos. You could make a very good argument that White Americans co-opted BBQ and grilling from other cultures including First Nation Peoples as well as African Americans and Latinos...
  15. Matthew Turner

    Tuna on the WSK

    Marinading yourself in some Russel's Reserve 10 Year I see. Good choice.
  16. Matthew Turner

    Boneless Pork Shoulder woes

    What temp is your WSM running at? How are you measuring that temp.
  17. Matthew Turner

    Used Ex6 2nd for $350, is it worth all the headaches and trouble?

    Damn. I was just in DFW last weekend. Won't be back for some time (if I can help it. Sorry Texans, but y'all can keep your 109°.).
  18. Matthew Turner

    How much babysitting does a Slow 'n Sear need?

    If your one touch blades fit tightly against the bottom of the bowl, it can be very hands off. I don't pre-light any briquettes, I put a tumbleweed or cube in the unlit charcoal and light it up. I put the lid on once the flames are out. From that point, I usually get up to temp in about 30 min...
  19. Matthew Turner

    Brisket for 2

    Just two of us as well. Somehow, 16# packer briskets are never a problem. Your yield will likely be about 45-55%. Sometimes I take some to friends but mostly it is dinner plus a few lunches for each of us. The pups get a few very small pieces as well. Sliced point freezes well with a food...