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    Smashed burgers on the Genesis using the Baking Steel

    Old thread, but I do this often. My baking steel? I went to a local steel yard had had them cut me a 15x15x1/4" plate of A36 steel (food safe), $25 - $10 to have it sandblasted. In fact I have 2, they double as pizza steels and for smashbugers. Have them custom cut to whatever size you want...
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    Leftover brisket?

    I'm planning a 13 lb brisket cook. I would like to freeze about half once done. The plan is too vacuum pack as a whole, not sliced. Thaw and reheat in hot water. Anyone tried this approach?
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill - Who has one?

    Actually I would care on any new car. I'm trying to get a handle if this is a wide spread issue or a random type thing.
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill - Who has one?

    I'm looking at a new kamado and the Weber is one I'm looking at. About the only thing I have seen negative is that there have been reports of the lid leaking, for a $1500+ piece of equipment this is not good. Who has one? What do you like and what do you not like?
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    Installed on Backwoods, Stumps, Primo, etc.?

    Thanks for reply. Mine will be going on a 270 Smoker(not a lot of people know about these, made in Lexington, VA), fabbing a mount shouldn't be too hard. I would be curious for the cabinet smokers if the 6 CFM fan that most use on the Heatermeter is adequate? I suspect it is. At this point I'm...
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    New Rock Stoker

    Did you consider a Heatermeter? Looks like this can do more and cost less.
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    I have a new helper to build Heatermeters

    Congratulations to you and your wife! My son is 12, my daughter 25 they have brought unimaginable joy to our lives. It's a thrill watching them grow up. Peace!
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    Installed on Backwoods, Stumps, Primo, etc.?

    Anyone know if one of these has been installed on a Backwoods, Stumps, etc. type smoker? How about a Primo XL? The more I read about these things the better I like it. In addition to my WSM, I'll soon be adding to one of the above smoker types.
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    Follow UP Question?

    Has there been any comparisons between the Stoker & those offered by BBQ Guru? Again thanks
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    Cost for DIY Build?

    For those that have done a DIY build, what's been you cost once done?
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    Even more clay saucer questions. Sorry

    I use a 16" in my WSM.
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    Clay Saucer for 22.5" WSM?

    For years I've stopped using water in the water pan of my 18.5" WSM. Instead I foil the pan and got a 16" clay saucer from Lowes, foiled that also and set it on top of the water pan. If anyone has done the same mod to a 22.5" what size saucer and where do you find it. The largest my Lowes has...
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    Good source for grill parts...

    Great prices also. Saved me huge $$ over Weber.
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    Craigslist Summit Silver B "rescue" (pics)

    I know this is an old post but what did you use to get the stainless, porcelain and trays clean?
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    Anyone tried the warrenty service for Weber Summit's?

    I have a Weber Summit Silver B. As I recall there was a ten year warrenty on the burners, not sure about everything else. Anyway the burners & cross over tubes need replacing, they have been cleaned anually but still need replacing. Additionally the Flavorizer Bars have broken off and one...
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    Version 2 of my homebrew controller

    My question, is this something the average guy could build and get working, with so-so soldering skills?
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    Apple Cider Triple-S Rib Sauce

    I've modified my original recipe that was posted a number of years ago. It still works great when used on burgers and chicken IHMO. I think it has a very nice sweet, spicy and smoky flavor, the addition of the apple cider pays tribute to my local area which is a large apple producing area of...
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    Thinking of adding a Gator Pit to my WSM

    Planning on adding a Gator Pit Tailgater grill/smoker. Anyone have experience with Gator Pit of Texas?
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    1/2 cup lime juice 1/2 cup lemon juice 1 cup Triple Sec 1 cup reposado tequila 1/4 agave necter blend well, pour over crushed ice
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    How do I cook eye round?

    I just saw this post, even though it's old. As it happens I made the CI recipe 2 days ago for the first time. It was outstanding, one of the best roasts i have eaten. The only thing I will change next time is a quick sear on a super hot grill and into the smoker over some oak until it reaches...