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  1. Ron De Hoogh

    Can I Paint Green Kettle to Black?

    Yep sell it and buy a black one.
  2. Ron De Hoogh

    Weber from the dark side

    Very cool!
  3. Ron De Hoogh

    Another great afternoon cook in AZ

    We looked up that way awhile back to escape the heat when we retire but we ended up down in Sierra Vista.
  4. Ron De Hoogh

    Lid Hinge for my 26"

    Make a bigger gate! :D (y)
  5. Ron De Hoogh

    It's been a while since I've cooked chicken on the gasser.

    I'm warming up to gas grills more and more lately. Good looking chicken!
  6. Ron De Hoogh

    This followed me home today...

    I've had a few follow me home also.
  7. Ron De Hoogh

    Another great afternoon cook in AZ

    Looking good! Where abouts are you in Arizona?
  8. Ron De Hoogh

    Another Craigslist Score - EE Performer, Blue

    Hide from your wife we can understand, but us? Rude!
  9. Ron De Hoogh

    Traveller has problems

    I just got off the phone with Weber and the nice lady told me that they have some problems with the regulators and that they are getting a replacement out to me right away,gotta love Weber customer service! I haven't called them in awhile and didn't know that they had choices for the different...
  10. Ron De Hoogh

    Traveller has problems

    I will reach out to them on Monday thanks!
  11. Ron De Hoogh

    Traveller has problems

    I'm having a problem with the flames on my Traveller, I did the recommended burn off on high for 20 minutes, I then turned it to medium to make dinner. The games went from a nice blue to yellow with just the bare minimum of blue. I took the 1 pound bottle off the next day and opened the valve...
  12. Ron De Hoogh

    BBQ Table

    I use a 6ft table that folds in half, they have smaller ones also.
  13. Ron De Hoogh

    The Humor Thread

  14. Ron De Hoogh

    My C&B Slate Blue is here, finally

    Beautiful Performer!
  15. Ron De Hoogh

    Today's Acquisition

    Nice score!
  16. Ron De Hoogh

    New Traveler

    My wife bought me a Traveler grill last week and yesterday while in Ace Hardware I found a box of Grill Grates for the Genesis II (plus they were on closeout) so after doing some figuring I got them, while normally they should run North and South they will work for now.
  17. Ron De Hoogh

    Old 1987 81001 26" Kettle Parts Hunt

    Try here They usually have a good selection.
  18. Ron De Hoogh

    BBQ Grill Cart!

    Everything has a place and everything in it's place. It does have wheels yes?