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  1. Stefan B


    I don't have one but enjoy this site...
  2. Stefan B

    Knife sharpener

    If you are looking for a Edge Pro...
  3. Stefan B

    Hello from Vancouver, BC!

    Welcome Curtis from a fellow Tri-Cities dweller! :) I'm at Coast and Lougheed area, you?
  4. Stefan B

    Bacon Cook

    Usually looking something like this...
  5. Stefan B

    Bacon Cook

    145'ish (never over 150) is when i take mine off. Cooking temps is 185 for the first hour and 195 for remaining two, always seems to be done in three hours.
  6. Stefan B

    British Columbia > Vancouver: Brewery & The Beast (Festival)

    Was awesome! Best way to spend fathers day ;) This will be a yearly event for us.
  7. Stefan B

    Cabela's Pro-Series Vacuum Sealer

    This is a treat to use Tim, I also had similar FS feelings. You have WAY less waste compared to any foodsaver which was always annoying to me. See below for my skillz
  8. Stefan B

    Cabela's Pro-Series Vacuum Sealer

    Very much so! That's the price i paid as well....pull that trigger you will not be disappointed!
  9. Stefan B

    Wings 2 Different Ways

    Loved it! Not too strong on the chicken and smelt great burning. Weird that they are upside down for you. All the correct orientation when i look and thread. They upside down for everyone?
  10. Stefan B

    Wings 2 Different Ways

    Been itching to make jerk wings since i got this OTG ready for action Jerk of the left hot on the right Done & ready for eeeting Couldn't have done it without my friend Tecate Pimento and Jerk is like chocolate and peanut butter, AWESOME! Smoke also smells killer!
  11. Stefan B

    Conversion Chart

    Pretty handy chart I found on another site ;)
  12. Stefan B

    Cabela's Pro-Series Vacuum Sealer

    Finally got a chance to break in my NEW vacuum sealer last night. Processed 10lbs of bacon and broke down a massive block of cheddar cheese from Costco. As it says in the model...this thing is Pro. I hope this lasts much longer than my last 3 FoodSavers. Also glad i bought it while it was on...
  13. Stefan B

    Hello from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you are well under way.
  14. Stefan B

    SpatchCooked Chicken

    Thanks gang!
  15. Stefan B

    Cedar-Planked Potato Salad and Drumsticks

    Great looking cook all around James!
  16. Stefan B

    Cedar Plank Salmon

    The guy you spoke to is full of doodoo. I 6' boards from HD all the time, i'd speak with another associate. Or just look for yourself.
  17. Stefan B

    Loaf Pan Chicken

    Been wanting to do this one for a while now, thanks!
  18. Stefan B

    SpatchCooked Chicken

    Nope. Grill grate right on top of my Kamado grate in the upper position over Wicked Good lump.
  19. Stefan B

    SpatchCooked Chicken

    Been itching to break in my fathers day gift from my 18 month old daughter Kamado ready for action Chicken on! 35min and flipped [ All done