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  1. Don Cash

    Grauation Gumbo and real Andoullie

    Bill, Sadly I've become a lurker but I had to come out of the shadows to comment on this one. As good as everything looks, that first pic is awesome. Congrats to your boy...and you. Food looks kinda good too. :p
  2. Don Cash

    Pulled Pork Pizza and a Plea

    Yes! I hardly post anymore but lurk just about every day. To be honest, trying not to be repetitive and be original I got tired of trying to figure out new ways to say, "great looking [bbq]" when commenting on a I stopped. Then I started to feel a little guilty posting my cooks while...
  3. Don Cash

    Salmon rolls..

    You guys are amazing!
  4. Don Cash

    Weber Breakfast

    Yum! This made me go out and get more charcoal (was on the errand list for later) and throw on a fatty...
  5. Don Cash

    Chicken fajitas with a side of earthquake

    ^^^absolutely this!
  6. Don Cash

    "Teres Major" Steak --- aka Beef Shoulder Tender

    They're soooo good aren't they? Excellent job!
  7. Don Cash

    Blake's Pork Steaks & Bob's Pork Butt

    Your grandson has the fever, for sure! How great is that? Everything looks great, Bob...and Blake!
  8. Don Cash

    Beef Shoulder Tenderloin?

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. Yup. That's it. It was great!
  9. Don Cash

    Beef Shoulder Tenderloin?

    My father-in-law gave us what he called a "beef shoulder tenderloin" that was given to him by the landowner where he was recently fishing. New to me. Anyone ever seen this cut? Seasoned with a rosemary, garlic and gray salt rub. A pretty hot reverse sear right against the fire to save some...
  10. Don Cash

    Performer Maiden Voyage

    Nice new toy, Brian. Burgers look great. I lived in Apple Valley for 4 years in the late 70s. Beautiful country. I miss it the summer. Welcome aboard...
  11. Don Cash

    New Years Cheese

    John, In the past I've always smoked cheese in the kettle but had so much this year I decided to use the WSM. Condensation dripping never even crossed my mind. Makes sense. Guess it didn't happen because I had smoke the whole hour. I had a pretty big foil packet over the coals so maybe it...
  12. Don Cash

    New Years Cheese

    No problem, Gary. Really the only way to screw it up is to get the cooker too hot and melt the cheese. I try to keep it under 90*. This run never went above 60. I cut the cheese {snort} and then put it in the freezer while setting everything up. An old coffee can in the bottom of the WSM with...
  13. Don Cash

    New Years Cheese

    Got a late start on my cheese this year so it wont be mellowed by prob, New Year's Cheese this year. Pepper Jack, Cheddar and Gouda... Two blurry coals. Set-up. Heat. Why won't those two coals come into focus? Wood. Cold. Cheese. Smoke. Done...
  14. Don Cash

    Vietnamese Grilled Pork

    Gary, that's a top notch cook, right there. Excellent work. Looks delicious!
  15. Don Cash

    a little story about some ribs

    You don't need no stinkin' practice... Nice win! Beautiful bacon ribs too!
  16. Don Cash

    My New Grilling Buddy

    Meet Lucy, the newest member to the Cash Clan. She and Campbell are wearing each other out.
  17. Don Cash

    SHOW US YOUR BBQ PIT CAVE (pics!!) :)

    Here's mine from about 2 years ago. Things are moved around a little from these pics but it's all the same stuff, just in different positions...and the little girl is A LOT bigger now. :) Check out this thread from back then.
  18. Don Cash

    Kids meal!

    I just showed Campbell this and asked if she would eat it (she gets more and more finicky by the day). She said, "I think I'd eat that". Great idea!
  19. Don Cash

    Simple BBRs on a nice Saturday afternoon

    ¡lɐǝɯ ʇɐǝɹƃ ˙ǝɯ oʇ ǝuıɟ ʞool sǝɹnʇɔıd
  20. Don Cash

    salmon tournedos...

    Talented, talented chef!