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  1. J

    OT: Amazon's new IoT service

    As far as I see it, the only benefit is being able to set up someone with pairing their device with just a login, like all commercial IoT devices do. Log in with an account on both ends and you're done. This will be more necessary as IPv6 becomes mandatory. No need to learn how to do port...
  2. J

    $9 computer with wifi built in

    Have one in hand yet, Bryan?
  3. J

    $9 computer with wifi built in

    Nice that they added the HDMI adapter to as a new level with the Pocket CHIP and CHIP. I've switched mine so I can either have it be portable or have it running behind anything HDMI.
  4. J

    Harvard Designed Smoker

    Mesquite? I guess they don't know much about smoking meat.
  5. J

    Auber sells HM

    This is really neat. If I had just waited I could have spent the same amount and had a warranty! :P
  6. J

    $9 computer with wifi built in

    I backed it at $59 because even if it doesn't get used for this project, it'll be a kickass handheld computer for my daughter in a year. The Pocket Chip looks like a very intriguing GameBoy emulation device.
  7. J

    John Bostwick (TheBoz) - Highly recommended.

    Awesome John. I'd send you all of my parts just to finally get my thing done, even though I want to do it myself, but it sounds like you're plenty busy so I will just have to get down to it. If only my garage had air conditioning. I need to set it up like Tony Stark's lab.
  8. J

    Failed during my time of need

    Post some high resolution pictures of the front and back of your board and someone might be able to help. Sorry for your meat loss :(
  9. J

    HeaterMeter on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    This has got to be one of the weirdest hardware bugs ever:
  10. J

    HeaterMeter on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    Have you see yet? Has a bit of promise. I do grant you the SD card bottleneck, but I just need it to load the OS into memory and do the rest over gigabit or 802.11n/ac LAN.
  11. J

    HeaterMeter on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    Well, I didn't mean for this project, but for other things where Windows-centric developers will gravitate to. I count myself as one of them. I'd like to see garden and lawn automation complete with moisture sensors, for one. I also think that Windows 10 might be a pretty killer media center on...
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    HeaterMeter on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    Exactly. This is nuts. I know they want to keep the price at $35, but at some point you need to bite this bullet and have an integrated wireless stack if you are going to be a part of the IoT. I'm sure they could do it at $5 or less on top of the current board price. Have you guys signed up for...
  13. J

    HeaterMeter on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    Why, why no integrated WiFi? So silly.
  14. J

    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    Guess I am being that stupid, I will just have to try it and see what fails :)
  15. J

    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    So the pin out is universal? I've just never seen those colors in your diagram over RJ-45, maybe I am just being too stupid.
  16. J

    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    Tom, what are the pinouts from the RPi Ethernet jack to control the servo and fan? Whatever we want? Is there a best practice already outlined?
  17. J

    Thermocouple troubleshooting

    I'm so sorry. It looks as if everyone in Toronto is dead. :(
  18. J

    Thermoworks Probes On Sale Until Jan. 5

    Thanks for the tip, picked up some of the nicer Pro-Series for the pit probe and extra meat probes. Will be using a TC mostly though. I also noticed that the Thermapens are one sale, which are excellent. I want one but will hold out until my current one dies.
  19. J

    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan was cheaper and gave me better shipping options. $12 total with shipping for a foot. The more you know!