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  1. Harry Soo

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    7 hours later. No foil or wrap needed. Short tib heaven moist smokey tender garlicky with hints of plum from Chamoy, spicy Tajun, with orange and cherry wood WSM 22 w Jealous Devil charcoal
  2. Harry Soo

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    Doing a little Ying and Yang for Smoke Day 16. Am doing my very very very first smoked diet dish courtesy of T-Roy of T-Roy Cooks who gave me his recipe which I did my own riff by smoking my vegetables first. Will edit and get the videos uploaded. Beef ribs at 4 hour mark and coming along...
  3. Harry Soo

    Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 16!

    She does not go online I think .. . I hope!
  4. Harry Soo

    Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 16!

    Donna Fong of Butchers Daughter BBQ (Grand Champion of Oakland) challenged me to a Rib Throwdown for the TVWB Smoke Day 2020. We are working out the specifics of how the cook can be done and judged blind (like in blindfolded tasting) which poses challenges since there are only two of us present...
  5. Harry Soo

    All in one

    Yes, it is very doable. I use a 16 - 18 lb brisket in contest and it goes in around midnight into 250F-275F WSM, and comes out around 9 am (for 1:30 pm turnin; just keep the brisket warm wrapped in blanket in an igloo). Ribs go in at 7:30 am @ 275F and are done by noon. Chicken goes in...
  6. Harry Soo

    Harry Soo Charcoal Method

    Hey Johnny, I'll be in Long Beach on May 14 and will be doing the KTLA5 morning show on May 12 to showcase some crazy *** bush grilling.
  7. Harry Soo

    Harry Soo Charcoal Method

    Len, do me a favor and email me at when you see a question on Chris' TVWB directed at me. I'm no stranger. I just have too many sites and social media channels that I can't keep track when folks ask questions. That is, I won't know to reply unless some kind soul notifies me...
  8. Harry Soo

    Harry Soo Charcoal Method

    Hey Ken: Use whatever charcoal or briquettes brand you like as there is no right or wrong way. Just the way you like is good. Sorry I don't have any plans to teach on the East Coast this year but I'm just a plane hop from NY. I do have students from all over the US including some who come as...
  9. Harry Soo

    Harry Soo Charcoal Method

    Hey Ken, I add my tennis sized chunks evenly spaced out at the bottom of my WSM before adding briquettes Minion style with the middle crater reserved for the lit briquettes. For long cooks, I use 4 + 4 (usually apple and hickory) and 3 + 3 for short cooks like ribs. There is always a chunk in...
  10. Harry Soo

    Lamb Chop, Brisket, and Prime Rib Cooks

    Very nice!
  11. Harry Soo


    For me, I think Alex tried to offer a balanced viewpoint of my dishes. I didn't think Scott and Tim liked my dishes very much. For example, my Bearnaise sauce with flambe Cognac for my lobster did not fare well even though I tried to demonstrate creativity and technique. I guess in the end...
  12. Harry Soo

    About time management and the race to the finisih

    We had seafood twice so it does not take long to cook prawns and lobster so it was hectic but I did not get pushed to the last second. I was, however, pushed for time in the dessert round as my pop corn caught fire as there was a hole in my Jiffy Pop foil container. Made for good TV though as...
  13. Harry Soo

    About the plated dishes

    We had to take turns as to who was judged first so obviously the last submission suffered from sitting around and getting cold which could be 30 minutes. If you used a lot of oil and butter in your sauces, the fat may have gelled by the time your entry is tasted. I made sure I gave myself a 3...
  14. Harry Soo

    Preperation of the Grills

    When a pyro special effects crew is hired to light your pits on the set, you can be assured they are all set at a blazing hot 800F or so. The key is to turn down the temps right after you're allowed to touch your grills once the Chopped clock starts. I tried to show diversity of technique by...
  15. Harry Soo

    I'm sensing a pattern here

    A lot of interviews were conducted in the 20 hour shoot-day so after a while you don't remember what you said. Thankfully, through the magic of post production, we ended sounding coherent when Episode 3 aired. Many hours of footage distilled into a hour long show.
  16. Harry Soo

    How has the experience impacted your personal cooking styles?

    Scott, I've definitely upped my grilling game with the Grill Master training schedule! Yes, I'm going to get a couple of ringers on my team!
  17. Harry Soo

    I'm bummed about Chopped: Grill Masters results

    Thanks Chris. Here are my thoughts after the show aired and I saw the details . . .
  18. Harry Soo

    I scream, You scream, We all scream for Brisket Ice Cream...

    Thanks Scott for your kind words. Nope, I was whisked off the set after I got chopped so no pics with judges. Dang!
  19. Harry Soo

    Q&A with Harry Soo & Donna Fong, July 28 - August 2

    We know you have questions about what's it like to get on a widely watched TV show such a Chopped Grill Masters which was one of the most popular shows on Food Network. Since Chopped began in 2008, only one Grill Master series has been done in 2012. Donna and I were so lucky to be picked as...