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    BBQ Sauce

    Ok guys I have some questions for you about BBQ sauce. What makes a BBQ sauce good? What makes a BBQ sauce bad? What makes you want to purchase a certain BBQ sauce?
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    Mustard Question

    Last night I was watching some BBQ shows I have on Tivo. One of the guys was talking about how he puts honey mustard on his pork shoulders before he adds the rub. I put mustard on before I add rub but I always use cheapo yellow mustard. Do you think that using honey mustard or another kind of...
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    Buckboard Bacon

    After 12 days for curing, I smoked my buckboard bacon on Saturday night and fried some up on Sunday. Let me tell you this stuff is incredible!!!! It tastes so good. I am hooked. I fried up enough to make some sandwiches. If anyone is thinking about trying this and making some, do it! You won’t...
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    Buckboard Bacon

    Well I did it. I put the buckboard bacon cure on 15 pounds of boneless pork butt. I put the cure on late Monday night so I am going to count Tuesday as day one. I will take some pictures and keep you updated on how it goes!!
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    While reading up on how to make buckboard bacon I have become very interested in curing meat, making sausage and making jerky. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any books or products for a beginner. Also where is a good place to go for recipes?
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    Buckboard Bacon Tips

    Ok I did it. I stopped by Sportsmen’s Warehouse and bought some Buckboard Bacon cure. I am going to try it out in the next few weeks. Any tips from those of you who have done this before?
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    Can a rub be made into a cure?

    I have been reading a lot about making buckboard bacon and I was wondering is it possible to take a BBQ rub and turn it into a cure? If it is possible how do you do it?
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    Buckboard Bacon

    I usually buy my meat at Sams Club. I will have to take a look at Costco and see what they have! Thanks for the tip!!
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    Buckboard Bacon

    I was reading more about this and I came up with a question. Where would you buy a good sized boneless pork butt? The ones I buy and cook always have a bone in them. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Buckboard Bacon

    Buckboard Bacon I think I am going to try and make some of this! Has anyone done it before? How did it turn out?
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    I bought a frozen duck....

    Ok I was at Walmart and they have a frozen duckling in the frozen food aisle. It was pretty cheap so I picked it up. I am thinking about smoking beer can chicken style. Has anyone tried that before? What kind of wood is good with duck? Any other tips?
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    Pecan Pie

    I am looking for some really good Pecan Pie recipes. So if you have one please share it with me! Thanks!!
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    Water pan question part 2

    Another thing I have heard is that you should put onions and other fresh spices in the water in your water pan. Does this actually work or is this another myth? Has anyone tried this? What do you guys think?
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    Water Pan Question

    Here is a question I thought all of us could discuss. This is for those of us who use a water pan in our smokers. I have watched on the food network where people put apple juice in their water pan. I have talked to people who put pineapple juice in their water pan. People put almost any liquid...
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    The Best Chicken Wings!!

    I am a huge fan of grilled chicken wings. I was cleaning out some stuff and I came across a grilled chicken wing recipe that I had written down a few years ago. So I made some up and they were incredible!!! Best wings I have had. So I am going to share the recipe with you guys. 16 chicken...
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    Cooking BBQ

    I was reading something about BBQ and it stated the usually the people who make the best BBQ cooks are people that were good cooks in other areas first. I found that interesting. I know people who are all around good cooks but I also know people who only cook BBQ and they make some good BBQ. So...
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    Smoking meat for mexican food

    My wife's family is having their Christmas party on Monday. They have a tradition of eating mexican food for their party. They make some great food! A few years ago I talked them into letting me smoke the meat that they use to make the mexican food and now everyone is hooked! So right now my...
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    Beer Can Duck??

    I was shopping in Wal-mart and I saw that they have frozen ducks in with the frozen chicken and turkeys. I was wondering if anyone had ever smoked a duck, beer can chicken style? Any other tips for smoking a duck?
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    offset smoker napkin holder / condiment holder

    I should clarify that this one is shaped like a little offset smoker. Thanks!
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    offset smoker napkin holder / condiment holder

    Does anyone know where I can get one of those offset smoker napkin holder / condiment holder? I have seen them posted before and I would like to get one. Thanks!