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  1. Dustin Dorsey

    22.5 WSM charcoal grate

    Any good stainless options for the charcoal grate? Mine is looking pretty rough after 10 years. I've been fixing up my WSM. I put in all stainless nuts and bolts and replaced the main cooking grate. That rusted out charcoal grate is starting to bug me. Weber is really proud of their grate...
  2. Dustin Dorsey

    Ecocure #1

    I'm trying out this product called Ecocure from the Sausagemaker. I saw it in this youtube video from 2 Guys and a Cooler on youtube: The video will explain it better than I could, but it's using rosemary extract and some other ingredients...
  3. Dustin Dorsey

    Weber griddle?

    I got a link to this page on facebook I think: It looks like Weber is getting in on the griddle game. I got a Blackstone for Christmas last year and it has largely replaced my Weber Genesis for quick cooks. (I just use my kettle when I...
  4. Dustin Dorsey

    Ribs and Sausage

    I cooked some ribs and sausage on the Franklin pit recently. I used some Chud rub and a light dusting of Dirty bird. And I used my new Chud chimney. Got the Franklin fired up with some pecan wood. Seasoned ribs. My view. Sausage after I pulled the ribs off. Finished ribs. Sliced...
  5. Dustin Dorsey

    2 Guys and a Cooler Youtube Channel I found this Youtube channel I've been watching a lot. It's some serious deep dive sausage and charcuterie stuff. I've learned some things I've been doing wrong or at the very least could improve. Mistakes I've been making: Not chilling meat in...
  6. Dustin Dorsey

    Article on California Deep Pit Beef
  7. Dustin Dorsey


    I tried out some c-bind for the first time. It's a binder made from carrot fiber. The instructions say to use it at 1% to 2%. I saw a Chud video where he said .5%. I tried it out at .5% and it did a fantastic job. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried it out. It was a another Chud...
  8. Dustin Dorsey

    Low Effort Pulled Pork for the 4th

    I smoked a 9 pound pork but on the 22.5 inch WSM for the 4th. Seasoned with Meat Church Holy Gospel. I used peach chunks. I cheated and used the Signals/Billows for an overnight cook. I ran at 225 from about 9 til 6 in the morning, then I cranked it to 250 and wrapped to finish it around...
  9. Dustin Dorsey

    Father's Day Beef ribs on the Franklin

    I finally got to these beef ribs that have been in the freezer for a while. These are hard to find here but readily available in central Texas at HEB The fatcap was mostly gone so I trimmed off the silverskin and seasoned with Goldee's seasoning which is available at Walmart in Texas. I...
  10. Dustin Dorsey

    Jalapeno Popper Sausage.

    I made some Jalapeno Popper Sausage and cooked some up this past weekend. I used Chud's recipe. If you haven't already go check out his youtube channel. Cooking up some bacon for the sausage. Seasoned meat. This was a ancient deep freeze tri-tip and some rib trimmings and some brisket...
  11. Dustin Dorsey

    Great deep dive sausage video by Leroy and Lewis

    Leroy and Lewis is Top 50 barbecue joint in Texas. They are actually ranked number 5. An interview with Evan Leroy in Texas Monthly is where I first started understanding ratios in sausage. This is a specific sausage recipe, but the main takeaways are the ratio of lean to fat, amount of salt...
  12. Dustin Dorsey

    Sodium Erythorbate

    Anyone used this additive in bacon and sausage making? I bought some to try out. It's supposed to accelerate the curing process so you can smoke sausage immediately after adding the cure. Supposedly it also keeps the nitrite from turning into nitrosamine. Also it keeps cheese from...
  13. Dustin Dorsey

    Franklin Admits to the Lawry's I found this interesting as it has come up on various Youtube channels like Chud's BBQ and Jirby's BBQ. I've been a pretty strong proponent of S&P on brisket over the years mainly because of Franklin.
  14. Dustin Dorsey

    Jalapeno Cheese Beef Sausage

    I made and cooked some Jalapeno and cheese beef sausage recently. All of my spice mixture ingredients. Mixture of brisket fat, brisket trim and chuck roast. Ground and mixed. Getting stuffed. Just cooked them up on the kettle with weber charcoal and a big chunk of post oak. Another...
  15. Dustin Dorsey

    Meat Grinders

    I've still been using the Kitchenaid meat grinder attachment and mine has seen better days. I'm thinking of upgrading my grinder. I've been looking mainly at two models. and I like the...
  16. Dustin Dorsey

    Cheap sausage stuffer.

    I'm seeing this : It was an ad at the bottom of this page. I'd click on the ad to help Chris out but its a sausage stuffer for 50 bucks. It looks very similar to the older model LEM 5 lb stuffer that I use. They also have mixer...
  17. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas > Grand Prairie: Zavala's Barbecue

    This past weekend I got the opportunity to check out Zavala's Barbecue in Grand Prarie, Texas near Dallas. Zavala's was recently featured in the Texas Monthy Top 50 Barbecue joints for 2021. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11a.m to "No mas". They also serve breakfast tacos on...
  18. Dustin Dorsey

    Turkey on the Franklin

    15.75 pound turkery, seasoned with kosher salt and Meat Church Holy Gospel. I let it dry brine in the fridge over night. Franklin fired up. I used mostly pecan and a few sticks of oak. I cooked it at around 350 for maybe 2 to 2 1/2 hours. That pit has some serious airflow and the skin on...
  19. Dustin Dorsey

    Making Bacon

    Got my cured slab. I used 2% salt 1.5% sugar and .25% cure #1. Cured in the fridge for 7 days. Other side of the slab. Snake setup with peach Fruitwood chunks that I cut down smaller and B&B charcoal. Ran the WSM at around 150 and gradually increased temp after 6 hours to get an internal...
  20. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas Monthly Top 50 is out.