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  1. Randy G

    Roadside Chicken Pieces for the New Year

    Couldn’t agree more. The WSM without the water pan and high heat is the best cooker for RSC!
  2. Randy G

    Cold smoked salmon 🍣 (lox) in about 2 days

    what’s the difference between lox and nova?
  3. Randy G

    Dizzy Rack of Pork

    Looks amazing!
  4. Randy G

    Cold smoked salmon 🍣 (lox) in about 2 days

    Apologies. I posted to soon. As a follow up, if you dont own a tube for cold smoking, any suggested hacks?
  5. Randy G

    Cold smoked salmon 🍣 (lox) in about 2 days

    Brett: Looks great and I want to give it a try. Can you skip the smoke? If so, what stage is the recipe complete? Thanks
  6. Randy G

    Santa “Claus”🎅🏻 Maria rub mixology!

    Very cool pic!
  7. Randy G

    No Turkey, No Cry…pork baby! Cubano style!

    Oye! Que Bueno!!!
  8. Randy G

    Babi Guling Pulled Pork

    I did. My preference over time has been to make a second batch of the sauce to use when pulling the pulled pork. I don’t make that as sweet generally. Whatever is left I put, I put in a quiet bottle and leave out with the condiments.
  9. Randy G

    First pork butt cook underway - temperature concerns

    Never heard of that. Looks pretty cool. As for temps, my thought is that it is pork butt, keep it between 195-305 and pull when the deep meat hits 204. Pork butt is very very forgiving.
  10. Randy G

    Adobo Mojado

    I’ve made this on roast pork shoulder. My experience is that you should up the garlic and vinegar if your using a big pork butt or shoulder.
  11. Randy G

    Babi Guling Pulled Pork

    Watch out for the Thai Chiles too. Years ago when I first made it, I made it so spicy only fire eaters could stomach it.
  12. Randy G

    Weber Smokefire 3rd edition

    Thanks for the information! I have been intrigued by the Smokefire. Getting to a point in my life where I might have to trade out for something that requires minimal attention.
  13. Randy G

    Weber Smokefire 3rd edition

    For a newbie when it comes to this type of grill, what are the differences you all are referring to?
  14. Randy G

    Szechuan Beef on the Weber Performer and Wok

    Amazing job Peter. That looks amazing. And cooking out in the snow! A foreign concept to me in South Florida.
  15. Randy G

    My "I Had Nothing To Do" BBQ Sauce Recipe

    Sounds delicious. We want pics!
  16. Randy G

    Babi Guling Pulled Pork

    I’m not going to lie Brett. Compared to a basic simple pork butt, it’s a ton of work. But, it is a labor of love.
  17. Randy G

    Babi Guling Pulled Pork

    I made my favorite recipe from this wonderful site for a BBQ party a few weeks ago. 6 lbs of bone in Boston Butt butterflied & salted. I prepared this amazing spice mixture in the food processor. Over the years, I’ve...
  18. Randy G

    Smoked Pulled Chicken for BBQ Party

    Thanks! I‘ve used those chafing dishes before and love them. Always fear the crazy little kids in my house are going to run into the table and turn the table into a Baked Alaska. Always love finding new home hacks with the existing tools I have.…like Ryobi Pepper Mill!
  19. Randy G

    New member in Kansas City

    Welcome! Love the BBQ in your neck of the woods.
  20. Randy G

    Wanted: 26” Weber Kettle Lid

    Not following you Bob.….