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  1. Pete in PG

    Out of round 26" Weber..... your thoughts?

    An update: Both the lid and bowl were out of round. The lid by an inch and 3/8 and the bowl about an inch. I did as Dave suggested above (thank you!) and gently applied pressure on the long sides. Both the lid and bowl easily moved and now there both mated well. I was a bit concerned I...
  2. Pete in PG

    Out of round 26" Weber..... your thoughts?

    I'll measure both the lid and base tonight. Thanks.
  3. Pete in PG

    Out of round 26" Weber..... your thoughts?

    Thanks Tim; I'll probably call them in the morning. It's pretty badly out of round. I finished putting it completely together before putting the lid on it and was surprised that it didn't nest right away. I had to push on the lid pretty heavily to get it to completely go on the base...
  4. Pete in PG

    Out of round 26" Weber..... your thoughts?

    Ok..... finally pulled the trigger and bought a 26" Weber and finished putting it together last night only to find that the top doesn't fit well to the base. I'm not sure if the base is out of round or if it's the top. I'm thinking of finding out which is out of round tonight and then...
  5. Pete in PG

    Pepper Grinder recommendations

    I've tried several over the years including the oxo brand and others. America's Test Kitchen tested pepper mills and recently and updated their results from prior testing. The 'winner' is the Cole & Mason Derwent grinder which goes for about $50 at amazon. ATK's review: "Our winning mill was...
  6. Pete in PG

    Best light for a Weber Kettle

    Hi Jeremy I also have a performer and like using my coleman lantern. Mine is an older single mantle lantern and I can lower or increase the brightness of the light.
  7. Pete in PG

    Beer Can Chicken

    I used to really enjoy BC chicken.... It's a roast chicken so what's not to like!??? But I've switched to roto a while ago and haven't looked back. Meathead ruined BC chicken for me :)
  8. Pete in PG

    Rotisserie Question

    I used to do charcoal on both sides of the kettle and switched a few years ago to just one side like George. I also use a couple firebricks placed end to end to keep the coals banked to that one side and use about 3/4 chimney to start. I'll add a bit of lump to the charcoal now and then. The...
  9. Pete in PG

    warming rack - just saw it today

    Hi George; I don't think they come with that rack. I'm guessing the store had one and put on the display model... I could be wrong though.
  10. Pete in PG

    Roasting Duck Breast by the fireplace

    Hi Len, Bummer! Too bad since it's this is a pretty unique way of cooking duck breast. Jean-Louis first cleans and trims the duck breast of excess skin, then tied or trussed to create a firmer, rounder piece of meat. He's got a bar horizontally just inside the front part of his fireplace and...
  11. Pete in PG

    Roasting Duck Breast by the fireplace

    I happened across this episode yesterday while looking at cooking duck different ways. The first part is cooking foie gras with poached apples and I'll definitely try this over the holidays with a larger group of family or friends. The second part is Jean-Louis Palladin roasting a couple duck...
  12. Pete in PG

    Camino de Santiago

    It's on my bucket list. My wife and I have traveled throughout Spain and other Mediterranean countries and I've met several travelers who have done it and everyone of them enjoyed it. I'll probably need to retire to have enough time to do it though.
  13. Pete in PG

    Pizza on the performer

    Craig; nice pictures! I like the method and it's different enough to be another fun way to cook pizza. That never gets old! Thanks for posting.
  14. Pete in PG

    Pizza on the performer

    The pizzas do sound great! And, I too often parboil sausage and pan fry veggies before adding them as pizza toppings. For whatever reason the pics aren't coming through..... Do you make your own dough? I make some pretty good dough for oven pizzas up to 500F.... I've found that using bread...
  15. Pete in PG

    My Version of a Breakfast Sandwich

    Great cook Rich!! McRich all the way!
  16. Pete in PG

    Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5" at Walmart for $100

    I happened to be buying motor oil and saw they had these on clearance for $100. I did not notice that these were advertised in our area (our Walmart is in Marina, CA) so YMMV. Of course, I couldn't resist. :)
  17. Pete in PG

    Towering T-Bone

    Beautifully done Jim! Great cut of beef and cooked to perfection.
  18. Pete in PG

    Vintage retro popcorn popper

    Very cool looking Bob! I still use an older stovetop whirley popcorn popper.
  19. Pete in PG

    Howdy 4 Corners area

    Welcome Snuffy! One of the best vacations we ever took was a camping trip to the 4 corners area and visiting many Anasazi sites. Just beautiful country.
  20. Pete in PG

    Not a weber but someone had time on their hands...

    That's great; I sent the link to my brother. He's a big Gator fan!