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  1. John Bridgman

    CL Score! I think? Weber Performer!

    Great deal. My Performer looks more like your "before" pic, and I paid full price :confused:
  2. John Bridgman

    Weber Chimney for WSM question on how much ash

    Another vote for "close enough"... as long as you pour carefully you'll have the fully lit coals on top and that seems to take care of any "startup stink" you might otherwise get from the partially lit briquettes on the bottom. Same idea as Minion method, I guess...
  3. John Bridgman

    How do I cut ribs?

    That's a great idea. Sold !! Presumably the bits of meat still attached to the "not-used" bones become cook's treat ?
  4. John Bridgman

    Kettle cooking options?

    Am I correct in guessing that there are a couple of firebricks on edge under the foil ?
  5. John Bridgman

    Trial Smoke on weber kettle

    Nice -- thanks ! Looks like CharBroil has cast iron grates for 18" and 22.5", and on a 22.5" you get the ring plus an 18" grate for the middle. Seems like you could do some really clever multilevel cooks with that grate plus a Smokenator ;)
  6. John Bridgman

    Once again a reminder on propane grill safety. Man killed when grill explodes.

    Huh... good point. The propane tank comes off pretty easily, will check if it's getting warm next time I make pizza.
  7. John Bridgman

    Pizza Kettle/Weber BBQ - Serious Eats Hack

    OK, turns out that the margins on the BakingSteel lid don't leave room for dealers right now, so I gave in and ordered one from the mfg. At least shipping is cheaper than driving down to pick it up myself. Not quite sure yet how to reconcile "trying to eat less pizza to help with losing weight"...
  8. John Bridgman

    How I make Kimchi

    Your kimchi looks great. I should try adding more ingredients, but so far just napa cabbage, garlic & ginger. Next ingredients on the list are daikon and salted shrimp. I remove the big leaves and wash them, quarter the remaining cabbage and chop each quarter into ~1" pieces. Same problem with...
  9. John Bridgman

    Red Beans and Rice w/Andouille

    I always assumed the reason for serving sausage on the side rather than mixed in was that a lot of these dishes were made on a budget and "unlimited sausage" was not an option**. For a given amount of sausage you get a lot more taste if you serve on the side (or add to the beans at the last...
  10. John Bridgman

    Pizza Kettle/Weber BBQ - Serious Eats Hack

    Saw this and was about to go measure my KettlePizza, then remembered that the design has been tweaked a bit (ring is lower, opening is smaller) so my measurements wouldn't be much use. BTW I did make a few more pizzas using a stock Performer (no ring) with the stone raised on firebricks. One...
  11. John Bridgman

    Weber kettle limits?

    I found myself using the Performer for smoking and the WSM for things like jerk chicken, where you want the meat above the coals but "way up there". My brother in law's last Brinkman rusted out so I passed the WSM on to him, and apart from occasional urges to get a BGE for smoking & pizza...
  12. John Bridgman

    Leftover Brisket Pizza

    What he said. I only had a chance to make brisket pizza once but it was *really* good. The brisket takes on a bit of that "air dried beef" consistency, seems to concentrate the flavour as well.
  13. John Bridgman

    Trial Smoke on weber kettle

    Looks like the pizza pan rests on the firebricks. Just went out (in the rain) to confirm and there's about a half inch between the top of an edge-on firebrick and the bottom of the cooking grate on a 22" kettle. All the years I've been using firebricks and that never occurred to me. Even...
  14. John Bridgman

    Heat from Pizza Kettle is cracking my stones!

    I'm also using the BGE stone. After making too many pizzas (for my health, if not my enjoyment) it hasn't cracked yet. I get the coals going in the center of the grate (using the Performer's gas assist), push them to the sides, put the KP+grill in place and immediately add the stone so it's...
  15. John Bridgman

    Muttman's ABT or rather ABTBs

    We haven't had any last longer than 2-3 months in the freezer before someone says "hey you got any poppers ?" (ABTs get called poppers around here, not sure why) but they seemed fine at that point. Works better if you freeze them on a cookie sheet or similar first and then bag them after...
  16. John Bridgman

    New Perfromer grill... Did I make a mistake?

    This sounds like what I did first time... seems like pretty normal learning curve. Make smaller adjustments and pretty soon it'll become largely automatic.
  17. John Bridgman

    how to light charcoal for the grill

    There was a great thread on here maybe 9 months ago where someone was facing all the same questions, so spent some time with a thermometer, spreadsheet and varying amounts of charcoal. I learned a lot from it, including the (obvious in hindsight but not before, at least not to me) "use a lot of...
  18. John Bridgman

    BBQ and weather

    I'm the same way... don't mind bbq'ing in snow & bitter cold, but the hottest days of summer sometimes find me cooking inside (with the air conditioner).
  19. John Bridgman

    So I decided to build this!

    Another vote for AWESOME !!
  20. John Bridgman

    Rye Whiskey Recommendations

    My favorite is still Wisers Deluxe. It used to be labeled "10 yrs old" but that has recently been removed... probably not as good as it used to be but I keep coming back to it after trying others...