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  1. Alan Dively

    Need A Spray Bottle That Works

    You'll never get a spray bottle to spray even ground spices reliably. You may get 1 -2 sprays at best but it will clog the mechanism quickly. The only ways to consistently spray particulates are to use a venturi type sprayer (like a wagner power painter) or a spinning wheel that collects the...
  2. Alan Dively

    Knife sharpener

    Edge Pro with Shapton Glass stones. Love it
  3. Alan Dively

    Tips on Grinding Pepper Mixes?

    Not familiar with that grinder but a Burr Mill type grinder will cut down on dustiness and provide a more uniform grind size
  4. Alan Dively

    Rotisserie for grill

    If you have a wsm and are planning on switching to charcoal, I would recommend the cajun bandit roto. Very well constructed and will fit both. I've seen where the weber needs foil to make a tight seal with the kettles.
  5. Alan Dively

    Weber Rotisserie Questions

    I just saw somewhere that Maverick is coming out with a therm for rotisseries. A google search would turn it up pretty quickly if interested
  6. Alan Dively

    Meat Grinder

    Take a look at cabelas grinders. Top notch with metal gears. I would forego the kitchen aid for grinding. I burned out the gear box in my first one grinding meat. I have since gotten a Kitchener grinder from Northern Tool (also has metal gears) and once it dies, I will be upgrading to one of the...
  7. Alan Dively

    The Pre-Heat/Pre-Burn method

    Fill the ring and light it off with some lit. Wait 45 min-ish for it to come up to 250. This is about the time that the white smoke clears, the fire is burning well, and a lot of the volatile organic compounds have burned/vaporized from the charcoal.
  8. Alan Dively

    Meat industry renames pork butt and many others

    I actually think this will add to the confusion. Anyway an interesting read:
  9. Alan Dively

    Why is BBQ black?

    I stopped reading when he made his first 'point'. Unless you are cooking hot and fast,you run absolutely no risk - none - nada of browning or burning sugar. The caramelization point of sucrose/table sugar is 320 deg F. I'm sure the author knows his bbq but he knows crap about food science.
  10. Alan Dively

    Why is BBQ black?

    Maillard Reaction. This is different from the caramelization of sugar which occurs at higher temps than bbq usually (325-350) From the font of knowledge wikipedia: The browning reactions that occur when meat is roasted or seared are complicated, and occur mostly by Maillard browning[6] with...
  11. Alan Dively

    Question about cold storing hot sauce

    If I understand correctly you are sauteeing all of the 'vegetable' ingredients (kill step), pureeing them with added vingear and lime juice (acids), then filling and refrigerating? You're good to go judging by the amount of vinegar you're adding. If you want peace of mind, have it tested for...
  12. Alan Dively

    What's the best method to sharpen knives

    I've spent hours and many dollars on CKtG on sharpening stones.Great resource! I don't want to spend crazy amounts of $ on knives. From what I can gather, the MAC Mighty's are intersect value and performance in the budget I'm looking at.
  13. Alan Dively

    What's the best method to sharpen knives

    Wolgast - have you sharpened any Japanese Steel blades using the Edge Pro? I'm looking to upgrade my current knives and want to get some VG10 blades but am a little nervous that I won't be able to maintain them properly. Thanks!
  14. Alan Dively

    What's the best method to sharpen knives

    Apex here too
  15. Alan Dively

    Meat Grinder

    I bought a kitchener one for around $100 at northern tool. All metal gears. I've used to grind 30 lbs of meat in one session the last two years flawlessly (hunter)
  16. Alan Dively

    To preheat or not to preheat?

    This is what I do now too. I used to throw the meat on immediately which I think made it taste oversmoked and ashy/creosote tasting. Now I bury my smoke wood in the unlit lump and wait until the white smoke clears (around 250 F) and throw meat on. I think my results have much improved
  17. Alan Dively

    Kingsford original getting bad reviews

    People are misguided when judging lump on a cost / lb basis. We all measure it out by volume (a chimney/charcoal ring etc) yes? Lump is actually very cost competitive with Kingsford on a per usage basis. I get maybe 3 cooks using a full chimney out of a bag of Kingsford. I lose track of how many...
  18. Alan Dively

    Stand up mixer

    Kitchen Aids suck for grinding any substantial quantity of meat. I would get a dedicated meat gringer with metal gears if you can swing it. Kitchen Aids have plastic gears that can't handke the torque required for long grinding sessions.
  19. Alan Dively

    WGC lump v. WGC briquettes

    I found them to be similar to stubb's briquettes. They were burned well and didn't have the kingsford funk. That being said, I think all briquettes are pretty similar in performance, with the exception of kingsford and it's odor. I don't think it is possible for any briquette to perform...
  20. Alan Dively

    Performer Temp Trouble, Think It's Me

    I find that leaving the lid slightly off to the side of the kettles with a 1" crack helps get the temps up quicker. It allows much more air flow. I have trouble getting above 450 with the lid sitting flush to the bottom, even with a full chimney. With it cracked, I can hit 600+ with a chimney...