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  1. JJackson

    One rub to rule them all...? (Average Rub)

    I've only been able to find both ancho chili and chipotle powders in tiny 2 oz or 4 oz containers, if I find them at all. When I can't, I just use regular chili powder. I'm not sure I have a refined enough palate to notice a difference. As for the shaker, I just use a washed-out grated Parmesan...
  2. JJackson

    One rub to rule them all...? (Average Rub)

    Ha! Unfortunately, it was a time when there was legitimately a stop in work flow and they were asking volunteers to go home. I had a brand new baby at home and didn't want to lose the money, so I took advantage of their shortsighted workflow management for a few days.
  3. JJackson

    One rub to rule them all...? (Average Rub)

    100% agreed. The quality of the meats, cooking temps, and finish temps have made a much bigger difference to me. I'm 8 times out of 10 just a SPOG man for beef and a SPOG+sugar+heat for pork. I just got bored at work and wondered what a combo would be like.
  4. JJackson

    One rub to rule them all...? (Average Rub)

    I have taken 20 (mostly pork) rub recipes, found what percentage of the total recipe each ingredient is, and averaged all 20. I've come up with the literal "Average Rub". It started about a year ago with a few slow times at work and a spreadsheet, plus a few recipes I found in books from Aaron...
  5. JJackson

    Newbie looking for tips on using the WSM

    Like the other guys said, the 18.5" is probably your best bet, if you're only ever getting one AND you cook for more than 3 people. The 14.5" is the most fuel efficient, but lacks space. The 22.5" has tons of room, but blows through a bag of charcoal every smoke. I personally have the 14.5" and...
  6. JJackson

    WSM setup for a-maze-n cold smoker

    The A-Maze-N maze and tubes are both smoke-only generators (unless something unknown to me has been released). You fill them with pellets, light one/both ends with a torch, blow it out, and it smokes for hours, a lot like those incense sticks/cones. I'm sure they generate SOME heat, but with...
  7. JJackson

    Wings again on the WSM 14.5"

    Did you have any problems with chewy or non-crispy skin? I can't figure out how to do that right, short of deep frying.
  8. JJackson

    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    It's good to see that the consensus is both sizes would suit my needs/wants. An 18.5" would probably be my best all-around choice for most situations, but will sometimes require some creative arranging. A 22.5" would offer freedom of space, doesn't use enough more coals to cry about, but may...
  9. JJackson

    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    Well, now I'm even more torn between the 18.5" and 22.5". Getting a 14.5" first seems like sound advice, although based off a few other threads, I'd be worried about longer/lower cooks, due to ash. Externalizing the heat shield looks like a great mod, so maybe that'd be enough. I'm not...
  10. JJackson

    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    The 22.5" seems the most logical. I just didn't want to be heating up a whole smoker for just a few racks or 1 butt, which is what I'd probably usually cook. However, a 14.5" WOULD be a nice companion... BTW, does a smaller coal basket really help? Wouldn't it have to heat up the same amount of...
  11. JJackson

    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    I’m one of the many trying to decide which WSM to buy. I’ve read some threads on a few different forums. 95% of the stuff I see is “go big go big always go big go big” or “build a UDS”. So, I’m currently leaning towards a 22.5”. Is there a heat-retention issue on the 22.5” WSM? I’ve seen some...
  12. JJackson

    Question for those that went from 18" up to 22" or 22" down to 18"

    I'm considering the same 2 sizes, but fuel IS cheap. I'm more concerned about tales of the 22.5" running "too hot" compared to the easier 18.5". Can anyone confirm or deny?
  13. JJackson

    Phil from STL, MO

    Welcome from Eureka, Phil. Whereabouts in the STL area are you? I saw that WSM on CL, too. You got a great deal. I'm also hunting for a WSM, but that seller saying it's too big makes me keep debating between the 18.5" and 22.5". I know I'll be happy with the room when I need it, but I still...
  14. JJackson

    Charcoal on Genesis Gas Grill

    There's only 1-2 inches between my flavorizer bars and the grates. Barely enough room to fit a short smoker box. I would think the heat source would be too close to whichever food you're trying to cook. But hey, there's no harm in trying and possibly failing. I just don't know if you'll notice...
  15. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    Can you still cook indirectly on it, or are the grates eventually the same temp everywhere, regardless of which burners you turn on?
  16. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    Right. Especially if they're all linked together, so are (I assume) transferring the heat evenly, as advertised. I thought about getting the GGs to fit horizontally, same direction as the burners. That way I could take a middle piece out to break the connection. But I'm not sure I'd like using...
  17. JJackson

    Red Head??

    I have a red Spirit 700, but it has those grey Thermoplastic tables and handle. So other than your aftermarket wood, it looks exactly like mine.
  18. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    I have no doubt they work well cooking directly. I have yet to hear any bad things. GrillGrates are one of my options for replacing the grates in my older E/W Spirit. I just didn't know if they worked so well that cooking INdirectly would no longer be an option.
  19. JJackson

    GrillGrates on Gassers

    Yeah, they look great. A perfect fit. Have you tried cooking indirect on the Genesis, or do you do all your indirect cooking on the kettle?
  20. JJackson

    18 or 22, I'm struggling.

    What have you noticed in regards to increased fuel consumption? Is it just a slight increase? Double? Also, is it harder to hold temp with it emptier (like, if you're only cooking for a family of 3 or 4, as opposed to a crowd)? I'm also thinking about the 18 vs 22 for a near-future purchase.