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    Battle I: Eggs Prep Photos

    Team Canada
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    smokin' in your kettle

    I just remembered why I was able to foil tape the vents on the one-touch... mine's a silver The only advantage, other than being $40 cheaper I've done another cook, keeping the two other vents foiled and it definately keeps the temps way more predictable (especially if it gets windy) and...
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    Size Matters: single guy, apartment, Indirect kettle choices

    I've really not ran into feeding up to 6-8 people using a 22' for grilling For indirect, I've done 10lb briksets, a couple big butts, and up to 5 racks of ribs (using the kebob stick method)
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    smokin' in your kettle

    I actuality found this method to work... Foil tape the 2 holes not in use, use lump which produces less ashes... and I was able to hold 250, for 6hrs straight with no adjustment, other than when I had to foil my meat (I had to then bring it down)
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    smokin' in your kettle

    Actuality the top vent is mostly open all the time, but should the temp spike, as I use lump, I'll bring it down with the top vent as my bottom one is usually always closed When I bring it up from cold, slowly with appropiate bottom vent adjustment and with a small minion... I'll be able to...
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    smokin' in your kettle

    Now... I personally haven't had any issues at all holding temp with just fire bricks, heck even without I'm a lump user as well, however, this is what I think almost everyone seems to make their mistake on when performing their light, Minion or not... You want to bring your temperature up, not...
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    Who makes the BEST knives?

    Well, I broke down and picked up a "Tadafusa Nashiji Hand Hammered" 7" Santoku with a classic pakka wood handle The other half didn't like the big bolster and rivets with a full tang. This also meant it was a bit cheaper for the same Its a Aogami Blue #2 Steel Core (carbon steel) wrapped in...
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    Texas Crutch now, who actuality doesn't use it? lol

    For consistant cooks, its foil for me... I haven't had any better results without, and have had far better cooks with. Assuming all meat stops absorbing smoke @ 140 anyways, I see no point not to, especially when you can just unfoil to finish at the end anyways. I figure its just braising...
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    dutch ovens (indoor ones) do you braise?

    "I" personally don't care too much about the origin's... but I work in IT and globalization unfortunately is a reality (not a big fan, but again not a huge fan of Nafta neither ) Regardless, I don't see a difference in performance with my $3XXish retail'd Staub Pumpkin compared to the $50 Ikea...
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    dutch ovens (indoor ones) do you braise?

    I've always used a crockpot to do my slow-cooking, but have found it to always ended up in a mushy, but tasty mess. I've really only been using cast iron as of late, purchasing a couple used skillets and most recently some dutch ovens. I have one from Ikea's Senior line, which was a really...
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    RO briquette quality

    I never liked the RO briquettes I have a half bag in my pantry right now, and yet have serveral bags of lump that I use regularly. Compared to the Kingsford, I think they performed just as adiqutely and it is more affordable.
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    Who makes the BEST knives?

    There is this shop in town up here in Calgary Japanese steel, some edge'd to 16-18degs not much more than a Henckel or Wustoff set
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    Any expert advice for my new CajunBandit?

    Man I want one... Only problem is, by the time it ships my way, its close to $300 which is only $70 less than a 18" WSM I saw Brian of left hand use it at a comp, and he had stated that there is plenty of airflow to have the bottom closed once you get it to temp and hold (lid open of course)
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    Best Value knives? Fibrox handle Henckel yellow Twin Master or Forschner

    So I managed to procure a Zwillings JA Henckels book which has all the lines of the Twin (Zwilling) line with a breakdown of the lines, design and processes used. So I was wrong, the Twin Masters are the same as their other Stamped blades. These blades are a full blade and have a full tang...
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    S J. Gold Mini WSM Smoker

    Man... if I could only find that Tamale cooker here... fricken Canada doesn't really eat Mexican cuisine.
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    Best Value knives? Fibrox handle Henckel yellow Twin Master or Forschner

    I picked them up, and will post pictures quickly. This is what I bought: They are twin series blades, and say Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Master Fridur Ice Hardened w/ a Spain and NSF logo (with the double twin people as the main logo) When I...
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    Best Value knives? Fibrox handle Henckel yellow Twin Master or Forschner

    I just talked to a buddy, who's a prep cook and just swears by the Yellow Handle Henckels the Twin Master series. (he kept saying its a yellow handled knife with a german name, and when I said Henckel for the 3rd time and he looked at the knife, he said, yup that's it) Apparently they are still...
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    Best Value knives? Fibrox handle Henckel yellow Twin Master or Forschner

    Hi guys, I belive the Forschners to be an industry standard for knives that apparently hold a good edge and is easy to hone. I had the urge to call a kitchen supply store, of which I talked to a on-road sales rep, who indicated that alot of cooks/soux/chefs like the Forschners & Henckel Twin...
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    Petition to bring back the SJP.

    Bring back the SJP with a one touch and shorty legs! I'll buy it!