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  1. SeanHaz

    Sweet Spicy balls and ABT's

    Generally the meatballs would be called MOINK balls (Bacon wrapped Beef meatballs). I usually do them smoked then with a maple syrup sauce with a little heat added to the syrup. Looking good Case.
  2. SeanHaz

    Anyone Watching Good Eats: Reloaded?

    I have yet to watch it but daily see the good eats re-runs at 2-3pm on cooking channel while working.
  3. SeanHaz

    Hanging food in 14.5" - possible?

    Here is hanging brisket in 14.5 wsm Yes I run a miniWSM i made myself. Looking at making my own rotisserie setup with a metal ring.
  4. SeanHaz

    Hanging food in 14.5" - possible?

    If you search within the forums this has been talked about already. Some people have made similar hanging racks to then use in their smokers of differing sizes.
  5. SeanHaz

    Spray Duck Fat?

    I have not used it but was interested in this when I saw it on a YouTube channel I sub to. Let me see when I get home which one it was. When I did see it in the video I was a little taken back that it was an spray can :)
  6. SeanHaz

    14.5 Pork Butt size

    I have done a 10lb turkey in it and it had room. Also have done 2 roast chickens side by side :) I do like Len's idea for taking a measure to ensure.
  7. SeanHaz

    Anyone else not really care that much for turkey?

    I absolutely love turkey and could have it more times a year than we cook it. I do know some that don't like it and we have other options as well usually when cooking it if they are over. Instead of turkey we have ham or other options. This xmas I will be hosting (after my father in law...
  8. SeanHaz

    The Briner

    Also is sold at Cabela's. 22qt - 26.39 (as of today - sale price) 8 qt - 21.99 (ditto)
  9. SeanHaz

    A couple of chicken cooks

    Brad: Great looking chicken. What is on the drumsticks - looks creamy and delicious as well!
  10. SeanHaz

    12 lbs of pulled pork on the Weber Kettle in a blizzard...

    James the setup looks great and the meat as well. I will be heading out there for the end of the month for my nephew's 1st birthday.
  11. SeanHaz

    Turkey Wings - First Pass

    They look beautiful. This is something I would like to try - might have to speak with the butcher counter at the grocery store this week.
  12. SeanHaz

    Hello from Calgary, Canada!

    Welcome fellow Canuck! Nice photos, this weekend will be a great temp for some smoking in Ontario, hope the same is out in Alberta!
  13. SeanHaz

    New member from Ontario, Canada

    Welcome fellow Canuck just down here in Milton. Happy smoking and grilling.
  14. SeanHaz

    Anyone ever use whiskey barrel wood as your smoke wood?

    Same with Chuck, I have the wine barrel and have heard about people using the whiskey ones. Would be a nice taste I believe.
  15. SeanHaz

    Another Brisket Flat Attempt

    That does seem fast for the brisket. What was your setup in the WSM? What was your cooking temp at for the whole time you had it on? It does look nice and as others have said could be the optimal weather window for you. Also you are just cooking the flat which is a little leaner. You did...
  16. SeanHaz

    First Rotisserie Cook On a miniWSM

    Very nice Custom Ring. I have been debating on making one with some aluminum flashing. Did you make yours out of Air ducting tube and rivet along it to strengthen it? Please elaborate on the ring design :) Was going to make this for my miniWSM for one pizza cooker and one rotisserie.
  17. SeanHaz

    The George!

    Very nice looking meal Case. Too bad you couldn't turn it to 11! ;)
  18. SeanHaz

    WSM 18 not staying lit

    Glad to hear this was resolved for you.. I was following it but knew the advice here might solve it without adding my 2c. Enjoy the new food and creations that will come in the future!
  19. SeanHaz

    Flat out tasty !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Delicious looking food there. I am getting hungry now and am happy that my lunch will be soon enough here.
  20. SeanHaz

    Healthy...? NO!!! Good....? Heck Yeah!!!

    For a second I thought it was going to be par cooking the bacon and then wrapping them around the wings :) Nice looking food.