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  1. ToddBP

    Weber Imperial Sequoia returns to Weber Grill Restaurant

    It sure looks great in the restaurant. Since I had two of these and only needed one, I'm glad to see that it finally made it "home".
  2. ToddBP

    2 7 lb pork butts on my WSM

    If it were me I would put them on before you go to bed say around 11:00-12:00. In my experience these could take anywhere from 12-16 hours depending on method, amount of fuel, size of butt, etc. I always start them the night before, even for a dinner get together as the worst thing that can...
  3. ToddBP

    Need a little help

    The table would be plastic for 2006. I believe 2004 model was last year for the stainless steel table and 2005 was the first year for plastic.
  4. ToddBP

    Best Weber Color

    Now I'm pretty in-touch with my open viewpoints concerning grill color and have no problem admitting my use of this "manly" color occasionally!
  5. ToddBP

    Vintage Weber Shish Kabob Set

    These were all originally purchased, I'm guessing around 1960-1962 or so give or take and owned by an 89 year old man that hadn't used these in years and had recently passed away and the relatives were cleaning out the house in preparation for an estate sale. They said these were found inside...
  6. ToddBP

    Vintage Weber Shish Kabob Set

    I picked up a vintage Weber Shish Kabob S-26 set (this fits the 22.5" Weber) that is in an opened box but new and never used. Also this was from the Wood Dale plant from the Weber logo and address on the box, so pretty early.
  7. ToddBP

    14.5" price

    This will be come down to $199. from Amazon in no time I'm pretty sure, fingers crossed!
  8. ToddBP

    Vintage Pink Weber Sequoia...interesting

    Yes, me too! This was definitely going to be split up and sold separately so I'm glad I was the one to stop over and notice the Sequoia tucked in behind his house, and knew that this pinkie belonged to it. I knew when I saw it that it needed to be put back together even though it did cost me...
  9. ToddBP

    Vintage Pink Weber Sequoia...interesting

    Ha, it does have that Mary Kay color look to it! Actually this is a 100% color grill that Weber made back in the day. You are right, it is a two-toned color just like the brown (copper mist) or the green avocado colored Weber grills of the same era or possibly a little earlier. I think this...
  10. ToddBP

    Vintage Pink Weber Sequoia...interesting

    I saw a CL add for a Weber pink bowl that was for sale and was mounted into an old style Performer frame. This bowl had the tabs on it so I assumed it was removed from a Sequoia or Seville at sometime in the past. I made arrangements to check out this odd colored Weber kettle. When I stopped...
  11. ToddBP

    Weber Imperial Sequoia makeover

    Thanks, yes I was fortunate to see it right after it was listed and made contact with him. The seller was a friendly, older gentleman that said that it was stored at his cabin up north but not used in a while so he decided to bring it back to the cities and sell it. Funny thing is he almost...
  12. ToddBP

    Weber Imperial Sequoia makeover

    I picked up this Weber Sequoia locally a few weeks ago and finally had some time off this week to do some work on it. It had been repainted and has had a few boards replaced (looks like he used cedar not redwood) and it is missing the ash pan and the lid hooks and towel rings and one board on...
  13. ToddBP

    1980's Weber 22" Kettle ( Re-branded Sears Kenmore)

    Haaa, that made me laugh! It sure was a simpler time back in the day and the equipment and food probably wasn't as "sophisticated" or as good on the grill as now but the memories are sure better!
  14. ToddBP

    Vintage Weber Gas Kettle Grill CL Find #2

    Hi Dave, Any chance you could post some pictures of your grills? I think people here would love to see them, thanks.
  15. ToddBP

    Vintage Weber Gas Kettle Grill CL Find #2

    Yes, I know they aren't the most efficient way to grill but I like the "older" models of Weber grills, kind of a nostalgic look to the past.
  16. ToddBP

    Vintage Weber Gas Kettle Grill CL Find #2

    I picked up my second CL Weber gas kettle grill within about a week of my first one. This one is older as it has the metal handles and is in excellent condition. The lid also has a flat spot in the top almost like the old 26"ers have. The person was selling it for her mother and she said it...
  17. ToddBP

    Here's my top two Grill pick-ups this week...Hint think 60's & 70's!

    Lol, He sounds angry doesn't he? Oooh, over a couple grills that he missed out on. Rivalry? Instigate? Really? Sounds like you should reserve the name calling with and for your other "members?" on the other site, it seems they get a kick out of it too and we really don't think that's...
  18. ToddBP

    Here's my top two Grill pick-ups this week...Hint think 60's & 70's!

    Here are a couple older grills that I've picked up on CL in the last week or so. I don't know but its been easy pickins' here in the Twin Cities as I guess no one else in the area cares about these old grills like I do. Oh well, someone has to rescue them. :) The first is a red Weber Imperial...
  19. ToddBP

    22½" Stok Grill Insert

    I've had the Stok grate on my Performer for a year or two and I think it performs great. It may not be Craycort thick as others have mentioned but its no light-weight either. One of the best parts of the Stok grate is that its only two pieces and with the middle section removed the Weber...
  20. ToddBP

    Smoked Almonds

    Thanks for the info! I'll be trying the almonds and some salmon a little later today. I'll report back later with the results.