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  1. John Sp

    Disaster Struck Today

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the help. JGarvey - I did register it (odd that I didn't think of that). I called Weber and they are sending me a new bowl and leg kit which is awesome - thanks! Bill and Timothy, I may still pursue the table idea (since I will still have the old...
  2. John Sp

    Disaster Struck Today

    Hello All, Well my 26" OTG bit the dust today. My sons were helping me move it to the trailer so I could take it in to work tomorrow to grill for the team but in the process they managed to break one of the legs and and broke the leg mount off the bowl for a different leg. I still need the...
  3. John Sp

    One rub to rule them all...? (Average Rub)

    I do a version of this myself. When I am smoking ribs or butts, I grab a bunch of peppers from the garden (a mixture of jalapenos, chilies, poblanos, bananas, bells, etc.) and smoke them too. I then stem them and seed them (leaving some of the seeds. Then into the dehydrator for about 2 days...
  4. John Sp

    3 days in the hills with a Smokey Joe

    Kristof, Your post really shows the range of the SJ - very creative cooks in challenging conditions. I love the pic of yo transporting the SJ by snowboard! Regards, John
  5. John Sp

    Chuckie on the 26er

    Great looking roast Pat! I love your technique on the snake - that picture should be in a textbook somewhere... Regards, John
  6. John Sp

    Reverse Sear Chuck Eyes

    Hello All, I was inspired by Chris' Reverse Sear Griddle technique and had decided to add it to the list for the next time I picked up some ribeyes. I was perusing the meat case at WM on Friday when I noticed they had some pretty nice looking chuck eyes (which doesn't happen very often at my...
  7. John Sp

    USDA Prime Ribeye Cap Steaks with Super Sear

    Wow Chris - that is one expertly cooked steak! Regards, John
  8. John Sp

    On Sale Steak Cook

    Thanks Cliff - that is definitely going on the to do list... Regards, John
  9. John Sp

    Hanger Steaks

    Great looking hangers Robert! Please tell me about using pomegranate for smoke - how is that done? Please advise.. Regards, John
  10. John Sp

    Christmas Prime Rib

    Those are great ideas Jay. Based upon the family's reaction this year, I am sure I will be doing this again, so I will definitely be giving the L&S approach a try. Thanks. Regards, John
  11. John Sp

    Moinks there it is, and some wangs

    Jeff Moinks and wings - a classic combo. I did the same thing on NYE. Yours look great! How do you like using the Vortex? I have been thinking about grabbing one of those myself... Regards, John
  12. John Sp

    On Sale Steak Cook

    Great looking meal Cliff. I love grilled chokes but have never seen this technique. Do you parboil them before grilling in foil? Add water to the foil wrap? Can you elaborate on the technique please? Regards, John
  13. John Sp

    We are still doing the same

    Tony, I want to frame that first picture and hang it over my grill. Awesome job on that meal! Regards, John
  14. John Sp

    Lunch Meat

    Those are going to be awesome awesome sandwiches Chuck! What is the rub you use for the beef? Almost looks like pastrami on the outside... Regards, John
  15. John Sp

    Newport Brewhouse Pizza

    Nice job on that pizza Jeff. having a slice of that around would have taken a bit of the sting out of my WhoDats' crushing defeat... Regards, John
  16. John Sp

    Something New - for me, at least

    Great looking meal Jim! I love roasting bird over vegetables. Nice touch to do it in the grill... Regards, John
  17. John Sp

    Bacon Wrapped, Boudin Stuffed, Smoked Meatloaf

    Hello All, Decided to round out the holiday weekend with a final smoke session (did a mess of wings yesterday). The family loves smoked meatloaf so I cook it pretty often. This time around I decided to give them a little surprise and stuff it with some boudin. We have some teenagers over...
  18. John Sp

    Christmas Prime Rib

    Thanks Dave - I will try it at a lower temp for the initial cook next time. Regards, John
  19. John Sp

    Rotisserie Chicken Fusion on the New (to me) Performer

    Scott, I was cooking for eight and used 22 boneless thighs. We had some leftovers which I added to a salad the next day. Regards, John
  20. John Sp

    Bourbon Brined, Whiskey Mustard-Glazed Pork Chops

    Great cook Robert - I love the pairing of pork with the grilled apples - that is one great flavor profile. Where did you get you rotisserie basket? I would like to get one like that as well... Regards, John