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  1. Brett Grant

    Washington > Bellevue: Dixie's BBQ

    This place has been closed down.
  2. Brett Grant

    Arizona > Goodyear: Rudy's "Country Store" Bar-B-Q

    Hey, this thread is only a year-ish old. That Rudy's was the last place I stoped in Arizona when moving from Tucson to Washington. I don't know why, I always enjoyed the boiled potatoes. That one and the one in Chandler were the only ones that I have been in. About a year later, I had a...
  3. Brett Grant

    Christmas Eve Babybacks on the smoker

    Well, I don't always do ribs, but it seems that every Christmas Eve I am smoking some meat. Here is a quick shot I don't post often, so I didn't realize that I couldn't post my own gif, so here is a link. Six racks, super simple, salt & pepper, just the way that I like them :) Have a good...
  4. Brett Grant

    22 WSM water capacity?

    I just put 2 gallons in mine, and it looked like it could easily hold another. Brett
  5. Brett Grant

    Rant: Where have all the briskets gone?

    Granted, I left it kind of to the last minute, but I decided that I wanted to do a brisket on Monday. Last November, I moved to the Seattle area from Tucson, AZ, and I haven't done a brisket since. I thought that it would be easy to find a brisket, was it - no. I went to Costco Local Fred...
  6. Brett Grant

    Need help - I've lost my water pan and can't get up

    So I wasn't able to find a clay saucer or metal bowl. I found 2 pizza pans with handles. The pans were 16", but the handle stuck out far enough to span the 19" between supports. Cooking chicken right now.
  7. Brett Grant

    Need help - I've lost my water pan and can't get up

    Thanks for all of the responses. I feel stupid buying a new pan when I have a perfectly good pan down in Tucson. I think that I will head off to a hardware/garden store to find a clay plate. Failing that, I will get a bowl or try the no plate system. I haven't decided what to smoke. We are...
  8. Brett Grant

    Need help - I've lost my water pan and can't get up

    So you do everything the same, just no pan? I thought that the pan would at least diffuse the heat so that it isn't direct.
  9. Brett Grant

    Need help - I've lost my water pan and can't get up

    I am in the process of moving from Tucson to Seattle. I just drove up with my 22.5 WSM in the back of van. When I unpacked it, I realized that I left the water pan back in Tucson. I am supposed to smoke something for the 24th, so I don't have much time. Does anyone know of a store in the...
  10. Brett Grant

    Meatloaf & Turkey Breast

    For Smoke day I did a meatloaf & turkey breast. The meatloaf was on the top rack, the turkey on the lower. My parents are in town for my daughter's graduation. Sorry no pictures. It turned out well. I guess that it doesn't count for smoke day, but I did Pork Butts last night/this morning...
  11. Brett Grant

    Advice on first kettle purchase

    I've had both. I like the hinged grates and ash catcher on the gold, but it really isn't a big deal. I generally buy kettles used off of craigslist. I think I got my current gold for $35. However, I understand the appeal of new. I believe that you can get a lid holder as an add on for the...
  12. Brett Grant

    Beef question

    Sorry, I was confused. The CI recipe used pork tenderloin, so ignore whatever I said.
  13. Brett Grant

    Beef question

    I would consider beef tenderloin butterflied and pounded. I used it in a Cook's Illustrated recipe and it was pretty tasty.
  14. Brett Grant

    Throwdown #18: Beef Chuck Roast

    Congrats. That one looks really yummy.
  15. Brett Grant

    Deciding between 14.5 and 18.5

    Always something to think about. Especially in known states where the government likes to help you out :)
  16. Brett Grant

    Valentine dinner....

    Looks good. Both the food and the model. I will stop talking now ...
  17. Brett Grant

    Doing my 1st packer this weekend

    I don't think that you are allowing yourself enough time if you smoke at 250*. I would use the High Heat method and you should have plenty of time. Is the 13 lbs pre-trim? I once did a 14 lb trimmed at 225-250* and it took 15 hours. I just did a 5.75 lb HH brisket and it took 4 hours total...
  18. Brett Grant

    Deciding between 14.5 and 18.5

    That may depend upon where you are, so I would check that out. Here in Tucson, the use of bbq's is governed by Tucson's Fire Code and has nothing to due with the availability of power supplies and everything to do with the combustibility of the structure. Many newer condos out here have...
  19. Brett Grant

    Tiny Grassfed Brisket Cook

    Oh, I didn't measure the temps once I put it in foil. I just used the thermometer as a probe. The actual temp when I took it off was around 220*, but I just ignored that. The edges did crumble off when I sliced it, but the knife was pretty sharp. It was very tasty.
  20. Brett Grant

    Tiny Grassfed Brisket Cook

    So it turns out that the local university has a Meat Science Lab. On Fridays, and only on Fridays, the general public can go down and buy whatever they have butchered recently. Having never been down there, last week I went and checked it out. They offer both corn- and grass- fed beef, pork...