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    Crispy Breaded Grilled Wings

    Well I made them Saturday and NOT with good results. I cooked for 2.5 houts at approx 275 and the skin turned out real extra crispy and the meat was dry. I think they were overcooked. I saw 'blood' oozing out so I though they weren't cooked enough - kept them on longer. I know they will be...
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    Pulled Beef Sauce...

    Gonna make pulled beef this weekend and wondering what type of sauce you would use on it?
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    Huge score...

    Can't believe I didn't think of this waaaaay sooner. My sister works for a wood moulding company that makes moulding and trim and yesterday she tells me they throw away a ton of scrap wood. All kiln dried hardwood. Today she brought me a box full of oak, maple, cherry etc. She's probably...
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    Costco - Pork Brisket Grillers

    Not sure how to post pics yet - will have to read up on it. But, next time I make them (which will be soon) I'll post them up. They were really good.
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    Costco - Pork Brisket Grillers

    Picked up this new item at Costco and gave them a try over the weekend. Marinated in a vinegar and oil dressing. Grilled over charcoal to 160 per directions. VERY tasty and moist.
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    EZ-Hooks. Anyone Try Them?

    Received my Pigtails the other day and got to try them out yesterday. Very nifty tool and easy to use.
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    water or not

    Greg, Where'd you get the 19" clay saucer? I can't find one anywhere.
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    Clay pot for 22"

    Need to find a clay saucer for the 22" WSM. I've searched online, stores, etc and can't find one. Anyone have a source?
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    WSM Technique Book

    Jamie, Have you ever considered a book that just focuses on using the WSM for all the recipes? You could provide all the techniques, etc. to successfully use a WSM. Dennis
  10. D!!!

    Well...someone may have 'hit' a few numbers on the recent lottery and has just purchased the new 22.5" WSM that he's been drooling over for the past few months. Expected to ship on Monday, May 11th. I'm excited...I have six shoulders to cook Wednesday overnight and I'd love to be able to use...
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    Pear Tree Wood

    A friend of mine is cutting a few BIG branches off a Pear Tree. This is a flowering pear tree not a fruit tree. Question --- is this good for smoking? Thanks
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    Saturday Morning BBQ

    Yep...celebrating the 80's today too. Put 4 shoulders on last night at 10:00pm. Temp held steady at 250 throughout the nite and took them off at 10:00am. Foiled, wrapped, covered and waiting to pull later this afternoon for a bean-bag tourney.
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    ABT - reheat question

    All, Well they were a big hit!!! Made 40 and they were gobbled up instantly. Timing was perfect so I didn't have to reheat. Will be making more shortly. WOW.
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    ABT - reheat question

    All, I am goingto attempt my first try at ABT's tomorrow. I am planning on bringing them to a party but may have them done too early. Can I refrigerate and then reheat once I get to the party? Oven? Microwave? Dennis
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    Clay pot - first time

    All, Used the 14" clay saucer for the first time while cooking 6 butts yesterday. Worked very well. Question - I wrapped it in foil and placed it on top of my Brinkman water pan. When I put it in the smoker it was higher than the brackets to hold the bottom grate. I just put the grate on...
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    Cooking Ribs today

    Cool... My son is an 11 year old Novice 67# and has been wrestling six years. Placed sixth in state at Novice last year as a 10 year old. Tough kid. Great sport. Best of luck tomorrow...hopefully these tournaments get us out in time for the Super Bowl.
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    Cooking Ribs today

    Hey Jason, Where are u and your son wrestlng tomorrow? We'll be at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Arlington. We're with Force Wrestlng out of Planfield. What team is your son with? Dennis Cramer
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    Stress free...

    Thanks for the kind words and the advice given. It really was a lot of fun. We had three judges - two were residents and one was a culinary arts chef at our local junior college. He was more of a pastry chef but it still was cool to have a chef there. I went up to the judging table after...
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    Stress free...

    Last week I wrote about a small neighborhood ribfest we were doing this past Saturday and was asking for advice. We had five competitors only due to the rain but had a great time. I prepared my babybacks using a slightly modified BRITU rub and used my WSM. Others used gas grills, electric...
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    I'm stressing...

    ...well I'm trying not to. This Saturday I'm competing in a friendly neighborhood rib cookoff with about 15 competitors. I'll be smoking my baby back using WSM. Okay, the earliest setup is 10:00am with a 4:00pm turn-in time. I fear that I won't have enough time to do a true 3-2-1 so a...