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  1. George Santos

    Major assistance needed for Thanksgiving

    That's news to me. I enjoy "fresh" off the smoker. With the "next day" option, does it keep the flavors and freshness?
  2. George Santos

    Just did a 14hr pork butt on a silver 22-1/2

    Great. I did one a little over 9lb not long ago on my OTS. I was rolling it really low, at 200-230 so it went over 12 hrs. But it came out nice like yours. The kettle is the only reason I haven't move to the WSM since I can get awesome q from it. There was a sale on ebay this weekend, brand new...
  3. George Santos

    Kettle rotisserie

    I am going to "hunt" for a roti out of CL. While we're a small family, who isn't in for more fun?
  4. George Santos

    Kettle rotisserie

    Thanks Jim. Impressive display. We are a small family of three, a 9lb pork shoulder picnic pulled pork last for days in the fridge. We do chicken halves, drumsticks, the ribs they come awesome without the rotisserie. Are they better using the rotisserie? Again, thanks.
  5. George Santos

    Kettle rotisserie

    I have been lucky successfully making chicken on my OT kettles so far. Then I am curious about the rotisserie accessory. At 160.00 tag price, I am pondering whether is worthy to buy or not. I will appreciate input, comments, suggestions; why you think it worth to have it, or why does not...
  6. George Santos

    Made chicken breast for first grillon 22.5" Weber One Touch, not so good

    I have also marinade using Zesty italian dressing. I have tried a brine recipe on whole chickens called Tip Piper Slaughterhouse poultry brine with a lot of success; google it and give it a try sometime.
  7. George Santos

    Cleaning Weber kettle

    I "deep clean" once a year. Meanwhile scrape off flakes from inside the cover if any, after every use I scrape inside any heavy grease or sauce drips. Empty the ash catcher and run one of those cleaning pads all around the inside edge above the grates. Now the grates I can't but cleaning after...
  8. George Santos

    Just ordered a green performer deluxe

    I follow quite a few recipes from the bbq pit boys. but done on my OTG and OTS. The Lodge L4410 Seems like a small cooker.
  9. George Santos

    Bored, so here's a pic...

    Awesome job!! Congrats!! That's a nice collection piece.
  10. George Santos

    Need some advice on which charcoal kettle grill to buy

    Take between 18 and 20 briquettes and burn them on the center of the charcoal grate with the bottom and top vents wide open; I would use a full chimney and you'll have to play with the vents, all open yield higher heat and the reverse. Once done close both vents and let it cool down. You may...
  11. George Santos

    Need some advice on which charcoal kettle grill to buy

    I would suggest the 22.5 OTS Gold; it has a new name this year. Why not the OTS Silver ? (I think this year they call it original kettle) Well the ash catcher in the Gold makes a world of difference with cleanup. As for cooking they're bot equally capable. You can grill, smoke, low & slow, etc...
  12. George Santos

    Look what I just bought.

    Sweet!! Great buy!! Congrats!!
  13. George Santos

    Help deciding on kettle or akorn

    I have smoke on the OTG. 225 / 250 for hours with not much coal, three pounds maybe. Can't beat that. Work? Well, compared to the ECB is rather vacation. I have no experience with the kamado, but 550 I rather get the WSM 22.5. Just my two cents.
  14. George Santos

    26" Kettle for Long Smokes?

    I do have two 22's, OTS & OTG. I am just on the hunt for a 26, before I get the 18 WSM. You can't go wrong with a 26. It does everything a 22 do but with more room for more goodies.
  15. George Santos

    Which new Kettle to buy

    I did not meant the 22 has not enough room. It is my believe that while the 22.5 fits most our needs, the 26 will definitely be a breeze to use comparatively. Luckily we have both choices.
  16. George Santos

    Cg 22.5 ots

    I have been applying WD-40 to the thumb screw but I have seen pictures of people cutting it as you say. The blades seems to be closing tight yet but I have to test it so I will keep the cleanup task. The letters on the lid are AA that's why I thought was a 2011. It sure is a fun project. Thanks...
  17. George Santos

    Cg 22.5 ots

    Question I turned the kettle upside down and there seems to be a screw with a handle. It is rusted so I will have to use PB blaster or Sprasolvo for at least a day to be able to turn it. Most replacements that I have seen come with an H clamp. Does anybody has it with this kind of screw?
  18. George Santos

    Which new Kettle to buy

    I will say the 26 incher. The performer is a 22 with a table; on the other hand if what all do is grilling and you don't care for indirect then Performer is an option. Better yet, one of each!! :greenperformer:+ :maroonkettle: = :coolkettle:
  19. George Santos

    Cg 22.5 ots

    I did buy yesterday an OTS 22.5 for 20.00. It is from 2011; currently I am removing old crust from the inside. The cover is in good shape, with just a scratch along a portion of the rim, about 1.5" long. The charcoal grate was bended downward but me standing on top of it got it back to shape. It...