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  1. Rob B.

    Blowout bones on ribs

    Donna you are on the right track. In my class I teach when you wrap, leave the ends open. Meat side down, add your wrap ingredients, fold foil lengthwise over the ribs from each side, and leave the ends open but gently turned up to keep the liquid in. You still get the braising benefits, but you...
  2. Rob B.

    New Dry Rub for Ribs --- Maybe the Best Yet? (Secret Ingredient....)

    Give Swamp Boys Original Rub a try sometime. It has a hint of cinnamon and has helped win lots of $$ on ribs at bbq contests.
  3. Rob B.

    Pros & Cons of Pellet Grills vs. Weber Gas Grills

    Nothing against Rec Tecs, but check out the Traeger Timberline series too. I have 3 of the 850's, they have been bulletproof in the 6-8 months I've had them. Double wall insulated and the software/programmable component is amazing. Disclosure - I am sponsored by them, but I'm telling the truth...
  4. Rob B.

    1st comp, is one WSM enough?

    Definitely plan on getting your pork done early, 2-3 hours in a tight cooler is not too long at all. You can even plan on getting your ribs done early too. I would try not to be more than an hour early for ribs though. It's likely too late to change, but hot and fast is your friend. 5-6 hours on...
  5. Rob B.

    Genesis Refurb - Ultra (semi-gloss) vs High Heat (satin)

    I used Rustoleum HHU on my end caps. I love the look but the product itself is not working. It has never hardened, and my cover sticks to it. Paint sticks to the cover, the end caps have impressions of the fabric on them. I've read of others having the same problem. I'll have to redo them with a...
  6. Rob B.

    Friday night with GrillGrates

    I love my GrillGrates.
  7. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    Nice! Are you going to get it?
  8. Rob B.

    My Holy Grail

    Great score Bruce and great job on the swap out. Now you've got me thinking and looking lol.
  9. Rob B.

    Old Weber Genesis 2

    That is too pretty not to save and restore, you've got to do it. Like Chris said, the Weber people will likely just give you a 5-10 year date range. If you look inside on either the aluminum end caps or cook box you'll likely see the date stamped on it like this: Mine doesn't have casters...
  10. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    My nephew who picked up the grill for me forgot to bring the manual with the grill, so I don't have it yet. When I do get it I will scan and send you the files. Regarding the other ad, it was shared with me from the site. As far as I'm concerned you can, but I don't claim...
  11. Rob B.

    1985 Weber Genesis 3 Print Ads

    Those are great ads Chris. Good find. I had thought the slats were redwood, but according to these ads they are cedar. And these look to have the LP scale like mine has.
  12. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    No they are black plastic. The ones in the ad below are also black. Here's the picture of an old advertisement showing the 3 wide-slat format with a burner on the right side. Don't be confused by the wooden deck slats under the snow. The lower storage shelf slats run lengthwise. Here is...
  13. Rob B.

    Painting inside of SS hood?

    Don't do it for the reasons you mention.
  14. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    Well if it figures in at all I have a pretty good idea of the provenance. It was owned by Jack Quesinberry who was the longest seated Mayor for Winter Garden FL. He moved to WG in 1969 and in my opinion with his assets would not buy a used grill. I bought it at the estate sale for his home in...
  15. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    Thanks Rich. I'm hoping the same thing and will do my part to see it happen. Thanks Chris. My friend who turned me onto this find (a mutual friend, Weber historian) told me the black knobs were also indicative of the first gen. Our wheels are different too, my whitewalls are wider set and...
  16. Rob B.

    Any Bargain Covers?

    These are really nice covers, and affordable. I just ordered this one. They get great reviews.
  17. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I wish I could say I had mad resto skills but this grill was in good shape to start with. I really like the wide slats, and who doesn't love a redhead. And it does the color change just like a kettle. I grilled a couple of cap-on sirloins last night for dinner. Note...
  18. Rob B.

    Rehabbers, lend me your eyes

    Haha well it doesn’t hurt to try! If it sells I think my wide slat stock goes up ;)
  19. Rob B.

    Latest rehab finished and listed for sale

    Looks like you have found a nice niche Bruce. A great product at a more than fair price. And you make a few bucks, nice going!
  20. Rob B.

    1987 Genesis II Redhead

    I'm not taking it wrong, I'm saying you're wrong. I do believe you that you haven't seen them. But just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it never existed. The slats are indeed original from Weber. There is an 1987 Weber advertisement showing them (I will soon have a copy), and here is...