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  1. J

    When is the Kingsford 2 x 20 sale at Lowes and Home Depot

    Academy has a 2 x 13 lb bags for $6.99 right now, picked up quite few today.
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    Brining turkey breast?

    I assume a turkey breast would need brining just like a whole turkey before smoking? Is this true? Thanks
  3. J

    From smoked turkey to gumbo..

    Smoked my first turkey with the help of this forum and using the apple brined method. Then used it to make some pretty good gumbo.. Making turkey stock: Turkey and andouille gumbo: Thanks for all the great advice on this forum!
  4. J

    Rub vs no rub

    How many of you use a rub after brining vs no rub? Curious about opinions on this. Thanks
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    Injecting after brining?

    Is there any point to injecting a turkey after brining it? Thanks
  6. J

    Smoked turkey breast with pics

    You have inspired me to do a breast. Looks great!
  7. J

    First Brisket is On!

    Looks like a great start, can't wait to see the end product.
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    Difference between "Loin" and "Tenderloin" ?

    Interesting. I remember probably 12 years ago having a roasted pork (don't know which cut exactly) at a holiday party and thinking it really tasted gamey. It was not smoked but cooked in the oven.
  9. J

    Difference between "Loin" and "Tenderloin" ?

    Does one of them have a more "game" sort of taste to it then the other? Thanks for the link to the chart.
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    Difference between "Loin" and "Tenderloin" ?

    Is there a difference between "Loin" and "Tenderloin" when it comes to pork? Thanks
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    SHOW US YOUR BBQ PIT CAVE (pics!!) :)

    Great setup and love your Schnauzer too!. I got 2 of them and love them!
  12. J

    Easy weeknight balsamic chicken recipe

    Looks super good. gotta try it
  13. J

    Jerk Chicken... Last night's dinner... Yummy!!!

    Looks great! Can we get a recipe? I have always wanted to do jerk chicken.
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    Beef Jerky

    I only lit 2 coals and put one on either end. I bought the meat already sliced up so I didn't freeze it.
  15. J

    Beef Jerky

    I found some top round already sliced up fairly thin in the grocery this weekend and decided to do some jerky. I marinated overnight in teriyaki, Worcestershire, black pepper, brown sugar, and a little Tabasco smoked chipotle sauce. I smoked it on the WSM for about 7 hours at an average temp of...
  16. J

    First pork butt smoke (1.5lbs) with interesting results....

    Bob, Great advice on the bark test. That has been failing me for too long. Thanks!
  17. J

    Overnight Pork Butts

    Looking great, hope to see the results. Did you use water in the pan?
  18. J

    Bacon-wrapped smoked scallops.

    That looks sooooo good!
  19. J

    Superbowl Pulled Pork

    I have been wanting to try smoking without water and without wrapping in order to improve my bark. It turned out to be the best smoke I have done. My guests thought it was great too. The Rub 9 hours later Pulling Made my own BBQ sauce too...been tweaking it for a while.. little too tangy...
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    Sunday Football Brisket

    Excellent looking brisket. Did you use water in the bowl?