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  1. Craig H

    How old is this avocado?

    1971-72 based on the wheels
  2. Craig H

    $20 Score!

    Nice score!
  3. Craig H

    Red MBH. 70s

    Nice work! That turned out beautifully!
  4. Craig H

    1993 Kettle

    Nice pickup! That particular kettle is the BAR-B-KETTLE model. By 1993, the kettles that had the three daisy vents at the bottom (as opposed to the One Touch Sweeper) were now considered the "basic" kettle model. These only had one bowl handle (at the front) a single brace triangle, black wall...
  5. Craig H

    Garage Sale Grill

    Both nice looking redheads! Robert yours looks like a 1977 model with that vent style. Jim's looks like a 1969-70 PAT PENDING. The old reds are the best reds.
  6. Craig H

    Out with the old in with the new

    Those are both sweet grills!
  7. Craig H

    Weber grate falling in

    I don't own a Performer model yet, but have the gourmet grate system and haven't had issues with the center grate falling in. Is there any misshaping or out-of-round issues on your grate?
  8. Craig H

    Weber summit vs big green egg

    I finally got to see both models in person over the weekend at my local Ace. They are both pretty sweet looking, though I think I would prefer the table model (not that I would turn down the tripod version). As for the sockets on the bowl, Weber has a long history of using pre-existing parts for...
  9. Craig H

    New member of the family!

    Welcome to the Charcoal side of the street! You will love your kettle! Regardless of age, make, color/vintage, a Weber kettle is a must have.
  10. Craig H

    What colors are 2015 models?

    I'm surprised they dropped blue as a mainstream color. Not only is it one of the coolest colors, but it is still a "modern" looking color.
  11. Craig H

    Weber copper kettle on Modern Family

    "Ashes from the past, for burgers of the future!" - Al Bundy.
  12. Craig H

    Pat Pending Cado....CL SCORE!!!!!

    That Caribbean Cado cleaned up nicely!
  13. Craig H

    Three of my favorites.....

    The are one in the same... :cool:
  14. Craig H

    This is painful to look at

    Sad indeed. However it can be saved.
  15. Craig H

    Anyone use the "Go Anywhere" Grill?

    I have a 1980, 1985 and a 1993 Weber Table Top/Go Anywhere and I love them all!
  16. Craig H

    Cajun Bandit Stacker for my Performer or just buy a WSM

    I have the 22 stacker and I love it! I do prefer to use it on my older style daisy wheel kettles though. Having said that I recently used it on one of my Master Touch kettles for two pork butts and it maintained 275 degrees and they were done in 7 hours.
  17. Craig H

    Red Re-Hab

    That red is a beauty!
  18. Craig H

    beat up kettle .worth a restore?

    Lets see what it looks like. Just about any kettle can be restored somehow. :)
  19. Craig H

    Favorite gourmet system insert?

    The Wok works famously as well as the griddle.
  20. Craig H

    scored a cool euro kettle.

    Those are some sweet Euros Greg!