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    18.5 Cover Material?

    Glad I saw this; I have had the same issue with the cover for my 18" WSM. I will reach out to Weber and see if they can/will do anything for me about it. Thanks again!
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    Choosing Between Slow-N-Sear or Rotisserie Attachment

    In full disclosure, I haven't used the Slow N' Sear before, but by chance I happened to run into the guy that makes them (David) yesterday (guy was giving away a Silver B gasser). All I can say is that a ton of thought went into the design of the slow n sear. He explained to me basically why...
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    "Stainless Steel" hinged cooking grate for 18.5" kettles - FREE (just pay shipping)

    Will this fit on the 18.5" WSM? My main grate is getting pretty rusted and in need of replacement :)
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    "New" Genesis Gold C

    Yeah I have seen a few that are similar here near Charlotte (not sure if that is where you got yours). Great grill, just wish the frame held up a bit better than it does.
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    "New" Genesis Gold C

    Yes they were. I was amazed.
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    "New" Genesis Gold C

    Hey guys! I have been a longtime lurker on these forums and just thought I would post my more successful Weber experience (I still haven't finished my 3000 rebuild I started over a year ago. Sigh.) Basically 2 things happened: Got a Silver C off Craigslist for free. Really in overall great...
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    Found a Genesis Redhead 3300? For Free

    Looks like a 3100 if I had to guess, but I can't tell if it has 1 or 2 swing up tables from your picture.
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    Warranty Question

    Yeah I think it depends on what the original warranty was. If it was a 10 yr warranty on the parts and the grill was made in 2000, they aren't gonna honor it. Some models had 25 yr on the box and/or hood so those you can still get some warranty work done on. Their website isn't smart enough...
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    Old red top: what is it and advice

    Where are you located? I have an extra side shelf from a junkyard 1100 that I might be able to get to you.
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    Warranty Question

    I am glad you brought this up to me. I had assumed my Gold B was out of warranty so I was pretty bummed when one of the hinges on the grill box snapped (the pin corroded and got stuck between then lid and box). Checked and never registered the grill. Registered it, contacted support, and now...
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    Newbie Full of Genesis Questions!!

    Hey there - I have been working on a similar combination myself, and the parts between the Gold and Silver are interchangeable, except for the flow regulators on the manifolds (different bore size for NG vs LP). I was combining a NG Gold B with a LP Silver C and wanted to take the sideburner...
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    Genesis 1000 Restoration

    Nice job on that restore!
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    Target Weber Clearance has started (YMMV)

    I wish I hadn't seen this! Inventory checker shows a store 30 minutes from me that has 7 of them at that price! (meanwhile, every other store within 100 miles has 0) Seems too good to be true...
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    Charlotte Craigslist 18" WSM

    Congrats to you! I have been wanting to get a Smokey Mountain so I am a bit disappointed you beat me to it ;)
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    Charlotte Craigslist 18" WSM

    Wish it wasn't all the way down in Lake Wylie :-/
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    Summit S650 Craigslist find

    Dang that's sweet
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    What do you think?

    Here in the US I got one in similarish condition for $60USD.
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    2012 Weber Genesis $350 on CL with Rcplanebuyer 3/8" 9mm grates and 16 gauge bars

    This is making me so sad that I bought the Weber Stainless grates instead of the ones from rcplanebuyer. Great find!
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    Finished Restoring my Weber Genesis 1000 Today...Here is the album

    Looks pretty good! Cleaned up nicely! I have to ask though... what is the deal with that handle? Going to redo that when you do the side table?
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    Found a Weber Gas Grill for $80

    Looks like a 2 burner 2007/2008 Spirit E-210 Shouldn't have any trouble finding parts.