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    Attention Oregonians!

    Bimart has now put all bbq accessories on clearance as well as summer stuff. My biggest score was an array of different rubs from the popular bbq champions, like Killer Hogs, Lamberts Sweet Rub O' Mine, Plowboys BBQ Yardbird Rub, Texas Bones, Rub Your Chicken Enhance your breasts...
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    Amazon Prime Day.... Boom or Bust

    I did get a good deal on a case of paper towels (48 rolls) and a case of toilet paper for $19.something a case, which is about $6.00 off the normal case price I usually spend. But I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Total disappointment.
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    Amazon FireTV

    James, I bought a Amazon Fire Stick last fall when they were offered for $19. dollars. Easy to hook up,and lots of movies for free if you're a Prime member. But not really what I was looking for. I was hoping to be able to cut the cord from Comcast as $200 a month to watch TV is a bit much for...
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    $100 Sous Vide

    ..I wish! Seems they were shipped out of Washington State. Must have made good connections via air! As promised, but really can't give a honest opinion on the Loin chops last evening. Everything was going just fine and dandy, till just about 20 minutes before the chops were done in waterbath...
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    $100 Sous Vide

    Holy Smokes! Talk about FAST shipping! I ordered 3 of the newer models of the Anova's for $119 late yesterday afternoon. This morning the dog was barking up a storm, went to see what all the fuss was, and low and behold, I had a front porch full of Boxes, filled with Anova's!
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    $100 Sous Vide

    Hi Jeff.. I personally would stick with a food saver brand. I have 2 that are a couple years old now, but they never fail me!
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    $100 Sous Vide

    I just ordered a couple more of the Anova NEW model for $119 for Xmas gifts for the kids. Couldn't pass up the deal, since I'm sure price will go up at the holidays. One never does know, I may keep one for myself, so I have both models!:-) Bob, I agree, we need a group for Sous Vide cooking and...
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    Chinese BBQ pork - Char Siu

    Good God all Mighty! That looks Devine! This old body of mine was built on BBQ Pork! Love it!
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    Sous Vide Precision cooker on sale today!

    Amazon is having a ONE day sale for the Anova Precision Immersion cooker TODAY only for $119. Prime! Free Shipping! Below was snatched from Chris's post: Dear Customer, Customers who have shown an interest in Sous Vide might like to know about a limited time deal on the Anova...
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    $100 Sous Vide

    I was just going to post about that! Get em while they're hot! I've got pork loin chops cooking sous vide as I type!
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    Cedar Plank Salmon on the gasser cooked by the bride

    I'm not a fish eater period. But I have to say that does look good. I'm am however, a chicken rice a roni and salad eater!! Bob, Since I haven't eaten fish in 50 years or so, ( raised Catholic ) My Dr. makes me take 2 fish oil pills instead. Morning and with evening meal.
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    TODAY ONLY! Steven Raichlen BBQ Cookbooks $1.99

    Just in case someone doesn't have enough Steven Raichlen BBQ cookbooks, thought I'd share that he's having a ONE DAY ONLY sale on Amazon for e-books. $1.99 each. I've wanted to read "Man Made Meals" for a while now, just to see what the hype was about, and just picked it up on kindle for $1.99...
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    The Changing Shape of Brisket

    Wonderful and interesting read! Thank you!
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    Waring food vacuum

    ^^^^What Jim Said.
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    I have a new helper to build Heatermeters

    Ohhh, what a beautiful baby! Congratulations!
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    Ribs for Barb's Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday, Barb! That pie looks delicious as well as the ribs! And the roses..well, they are beautiful, and full of love!
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    $100 Sous Vide

    Bob, so far, I've only bought the cookbooks. I've looked at prices and watched alot of You Tube video's, but have resisted the urge to buy anything else. I do have a small kitchen torch already, the kind you use for creme brulee, but have a feeling it wouldn't have enough power to brown meat...
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    $100 Sous Vide

    Dwain, soft boiled eggs? How did the turn out?
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    $100 Sous Vide

    Bob, like I said in your other sous vide post, I haven't used mine as of yet, but have plans to do so this weekend. I have however, been reading everything I can get my hands on about the technique. I bought 2 hard cover sous vide cookbooks, and downloaded 2 kindle versions and have been reading...
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    Sous Vide Tri Tip

    Bob, I haven't touched my $100. dollar special as of yet, been too busy with putting out fires in my daily life. But after seeing what a nice job you did on that Tri tip, I may have to go freezer diving today, as I know I have one, in one of the two freezers. Again, beautiful TT!