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  1. J

    2020 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    Thank you as always Chris and a shout out to ThermoWorks for their donations!
  2. J

    Grill Covers for Weber Gas Grill

    I have this on my EP-330-NG It has a lifetime warranty. It has already lasted twice as long as the $30 Classic Accessories Veranada cover I had that didn't make it to the end of the warranty.
  3. J

    Used Genesis E-330 (maybe EP-330?)

    It's missing the warming rack. Looking at the inside of the lid it definitely hasn't been used much. Offer him $600 cash and I bet he'd take it. I paid $750 for a new EP-330 in the Spring of 2011. Haven't replaced the first thing on it yet, it's a great grill!
  4. J

    Cracked Stone Sheet on Grill

    You can't put cold or room temp food on a hot stone, this will happen every time. You have to put the food and stone on at the same time or preheat your food too. Reverse sear. My brother heated his grill with a stone on it then trough a pizza on it and 30 sec later, pow! In pieces it was...
  5. J

    Here's a Jim Lampe photo you don't see every day

    I hope this doesn't make his head as big as his gut!
  6. J

    Here's a Jim Lampe photo you don't see every day

    I hope this doesn't make his head as big as his gut!
  7. J

    Knife sharpener

    I have over $1000 worth of Japanese knives and I free hand sharpen them with Japanese water-stones.
  8. J

    Boning Knife?

    I don't know why some companies keep using the Forschner name. It was retired in 2011 when Victorinox bought them out.
  9. J

    knife set

    Doubt this would ever happen, to much of there business is home users.
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    Weber 7615 Elevations Tiered Cooking System Grill Rack and Skewer Set

    Looks very over priced for what it is.
  11. J

    More new Weber accessories for 2014

    Of coarse Weber comes out with bear claws right after I buy a pair from Charbroil.:mad:
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    If there were just one thing that you........................

    I put my meat on right after the lit coals, never had a problem.
  13. J

    I think my refrigerator is going out....

    I guess the cookout at your place is off now?;)
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    I think my refrigerator is going out....

    Might just need to clean the condenser coils under the fridge.
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    Genesis E310 Natural Gas models

    I have an EP-330 NG and LOVE IT! No more tanks! Cooks great! Personally I think the Genesis is worth the step up.
  16. J

    Weber Grill Covers: quality?

    They're even cheaper through Amazon.
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    Custom Kitchen Knives

    Be careful Victor, J-knives are an addiction, once you start there is no stopping!;) CKTG is a good place to buy knives with a lot of variety. Post questions on their forum and get lots of great information, just like here! If your going to buy nice knives you need to learn how to sharpen. It's...
  18. J

    Can't re-light middle burner on Genesis S-310 nat. gas grill.

    Can't say I've ever heard of this problem. I have a 2011 and it doesn't do that.
  19. J

    Genesis 310 NG to LP

    The tubes should just slip over the jets.
  20. J

    Genesis Gold C Restore

    Great looking grill, good job!