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  1. J

    Pig Stand Barbecue Sauce Pulled Pork

    Think you'll like it. If you're talking about the Jameson's recipe for the Renowned Mr. Brown, that's what I normally do, too. This was a very pleasant change of pace.
  2. J

    Pig Stand Barbecue Sauce Pulled Pork

    Hey there. Haven't been around much lately. Work's been keeping me on the road and away from my grills. This past weekend I was home and had a deep need to smoke something. A few weeks ago I was shopping a rural supermarket for unusual and/or obscure barbecue sauces. Found one that I haven't...
  3. J

    Am getting brown residue everytime!

    +1 :) That said, it is going to be worse with water than with nothing in the pan. You might try sand in the'll get the heat sink effect, but no evaporation.
  4. J

    Gas prices going down... down, down, down.

    A couple of stations in Springfield at $1.49...most are $1.52
  5. J

    If I win Powerball I'll...............

    I was kinda thinking if I won I would buy Weber.
  6. J

    Weber Q1000/Q1200 Rotisserie

    Before anyone rushes out and orders one of these from England or Australia, know that their electrical supply is different and the motors are more than likely 220V 50Hz, instead of 110V 60Hz.
  7. J

    Law and Order

    Me, too, but Criminal Intent is my favorite variant. Love the episodes with Vincent D'Onofrio (sp?).
  8. J

    Wicker's Pilgrimage

    Remember the days when beating the Cubs was like thumping your little doubt of the outcome? Not so much this year. Fingers and toes crossed, rabbit's foot in pocket, along with several buckeyes and a couple horseshoes. :(
  9. J

    Wicker's Pilgrimage

    Trying to give them a fair trial, Bob. My first impression of Wicker's Thicker is not all that wonderful....but I just used it to sauce up some pulled chicken. Holding off judgement just now. The black label jazzed up some burgers nicely. Want to give it a shot on some steaks. Work has be...
  10. J

    One of Our Favorites

    That looks delightful. Pass a plate my way, would you?
  11. J

    Pepper Vinegar

    What I failed to mention earlier is that having enough peppers to do this is no issue whatsoever. I planted two in a raised bed with all my other peppers. This bottle didn't even put a dent in the supply off one of the plants. There's still plenty for making sauce! If you want to put it on your...
  12. J

    Pepper Vinegar

    Thanks, guys. Chuck, thanks for the thought, but it was completely random. No problem both enjoying the look and using it... as someone else said, you just top it off once in a while.
  13. J

    Pepper Vinegar

    I love collard greens. There's some moth around here that likes them just as much as I do, so raising them has proven frustrating. I figure I'll give this vinegar a couple weeks to steep, then I'll cook up some collards with some of my home-cured tasso.
  14. J

    Pepper Vinegar

    Any Southern diner worth dining in has a bottle of vinegar full of peppers on every table. It's used most often to season greens, but I sprinkle it liberally on lots of other things, as well. The peppers used most often are immature Tabasco peppers. I grew Tabasco peppers for the first time this...
  15. J

    Something new under the grill

    And you thought they always tell you to lift the lid because of gas fumes...:coolkettle:
  16. J

    Need pointers to smoke

    My gasser isn't a Genny. It is a Weber Q3200. One burner is a ring around the perimeter and the second runs right down the middle and is smaller. That said, what matters is not which burners you use, but rather where they are relative to the meat and what your cooking vessel temperature is. If...
  17. J

    Need pointers to smoke

    The best thing about the A-Maze-N Tube and pellets is that it does not rely on the burners. You light the pellets and they smolder and smoke on their own. It isn't necessary to put it down on the flavorizer bars. I put mine right on the cooking grate. If your grate is completely full of food, I...
  18. J

    The devil made me do it!

    My best friend has an Oklahoma Joe. Great offset...I would have trouble walking away from that price, too. "Stick burner" might imply an offset with a much larger least it does to me. My buddy Dennis burns lump charcoal topped with just a bit more wood than I would use in my Egg...
  19. J

    Can't even cook for flare ups!

    I find I have better results if I move my food to a cool part of the grate and let the flare up burn itself out, rather than smothering by replacing the lid. If I smother it, it just re-ignites as soon as I take the lid off again.
  20. J

    High heat BBQ Gloves

    I have a pair I bought at a fireplace shop, intended for taking care of your open hearth fireplace, rather than a barbecue. They are by far the best I've used...even better than my welding gloves from a welding supply. I've actually had the leather on the fingertips smoking, and couldn't feel...