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    2 7 lb pork butts on my WSM

    So we have a bunch of people coming over tomorrow night for dinner and I am smoking 2 7 lbs pork butts. They are trussed and rubbed and waiting in the fridge. Now I have never smoked quite that size before. I am thinking of getting up at 3 AM and have the butts on the smoker by 3:30 - 3:45...
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    Thank you Jim Minion!

    After smoking on my 22.5 OTS for a while, I finally bought a 18.5 WSM on Sunday. Monday around 10 I started a 6 lbs pork butt using the Minion method. After fiddling with the vents for the first hour or so, the temp settle in at about 250. I refreshed water twice throughout the day and took...
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    OTG Thermometer

    I don't think that keeping the top vent "almost completely closed" is a wise idea. You might end up with a nasty "creosote" condition. For regular grilling I agree, but when I do a low and slow smoking session there really isn't anything I can do. If I open them I can't keep the temp low, it...
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    Thermometer placement

    I put mine right in the middle of the dome. Right next to the grip. It is the highest point and when I do beer can chicken or a Thanksgiving turkey I want to ensure that I have maximum space in the dome, while not favoring one side or the other. Joerg
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    OTG Thermometer

    I bought a replacement thermometer for a gas grill. It has a really short inside thermometer part. Drilled a hole and inserted it. It came with a screw for the inside. I convert my 22.5 Kettle to smoke often and without the attached thermometer I could never keep the temp at 270. My vents...
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    First time ribs (in an OTP)

    I bought a 6 pack off the ACE hardware web site and had it shipped free to my local store. Best $20 I invested in a while.
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    First time ribs (in an OTP)

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Mac McClure: Those look great. Up until a few weeks ago, all my low and slow cooks were done on Kettles. I like your use of a foil ring for a Charcoal...
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    First time ribs (in an OTP)

    Nice smoke ring. They look delicious. I think I am doing ribs next...
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    My First Brisket

    Since this was my first brisket, I am not sure if searing it over direct heat helps the bark. Not a bad idea to try though. I have the vent opposite the fire to pull the smoke across the meat.
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    My First Brisket

    So I tried my first recipe out of Planet BBQ. It was the High Country Brisket. I got my Brisket at Costco and it had a great deal of the fat cap removed. After reading a number of Brisket FAQs, I decided to go fat down anyways, so I was okay with the fat missing. I used the dry rub from...
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    First T-bone steaks with my new Performer

    I think you can dramatically reduce flare-ups by putting the lid on.
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    My first smoking attempt on my 22.5 OTS.

    After reading various threads/posts here and on other forums on smoking on your kettle I finally gave it a try. I bought a 6 pack of fire bricks from ACE and set the OTS up according to the smokenator specs with 48 Kingsford briketts. I also foiled 3/4 of the charcoal grate. I...
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    Emptying ash (non-One Touch kettles)

    On my OTS, I simply sweep out the bottom vents and then empty the "Frisbee" underneath. I usually use my latex gloved hands to "sweep" the ashes out. If I did not have the OTS Frisbee, I think I would attach a trash back underneath and sweep directly into the trash back.
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    A longer burn process for kettles

    I just ordered myself some firebricks. I do have a question about the water pan though. Is the main reason for the water to reduce the heat in the Kettle? Because it takes heat to raise the temp of the water? Or is it to keep a moist smoke environment from the evaporation? Thanks Joerg Are...
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    First Time out on WSM - Brisket...where did i go wrong??

    I thought the trick was to get the meat to temp and then hold it at that temp for an extra hour. The connective tissue will have enough time to dissolve and turn the meat into super tender. Or does that only work for pork? Joerg Are you a fan of delicious flavor? 22.5" OTS,
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    Will burning paper ruin kettle?

    Out of curiosity, why not simply recycle the bucket of paper? Or is this your version of secure document disposal? Joerg
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    Weber Family Portraits

    I see you have a barrel smoker and a WSM. What do you like about each? And why do you have two smokers? I am quite impressed with everyone's "family" here. I assume the reason so many of you have more than one kettle is because you can? Or do you actually fire up multiple of them at the...