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    hi temp butt cook results

    Dave, to answer some of your comments,The cook I done was for home use only, I did not do this for anyone else. The meat was not greasy at all. This is no diffrent from doing a high temp brisket cook, pour off the grease. I am sure the way it is done in middle TN is good there. Here in the mid...
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    hi temp butt cook results

    to throw in my two cents worth here. I did a high temp pork butt cook last week. for home use and just cooking for the family, I use a BBQ seasonning add some CAJUN season to it for a bit more heat and I also add brown sugar to the mix. Applyed it to the Butts, and then I put the Butts in a foil...
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    ::Official:: 4th of July Smoke Thread!!!

    Lets see 3 brisket flats to be cooked Saturday along with 25 lb's of chickens thighs,along with burgers beef hotdogs and sasuage Putting on 18 lb's of pork butt tonight around 11 pm. this is my best holiday of the year and lest not for get the beer
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    July 4th Q time?

    Doing 5 or 6 racks of Spares ribs Saturday Morning, will be smokeing a Pork Butt friday night for Saturday. Also will smoke some burgers on the WSM when the ribs come off along with beef hotdogs, mac&chesse with bake beans done on the WSM and potato salad. Have family over and enjoy the day with...
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    BRITU for spare ribs?

    I only do spares trim to st.louis style. heres how i do mines, i smoked them around 250/270*, for 2 hours, place in foil for one hour back on smoker at around the same temps. take them off and let rest for a few and then on the plate to eat. i have done the 3-2-1 with them but they come off way...
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    I'll pass on a recipe if it calls for (blank)!! *****

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Mike F.: Cilantro--taste like weeds to me JMHO </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Humm, the weed I have( had) don't taste like Cilantro to me! puff, puff pass
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    Anyone foil their brisket?

    I have done briskets, low&slow, high heat and the last time I did them the way Larry Wolf has. Larry, I must say that smoking the briskets between 260 & 280 made a hugh inpact on the flavor of the meat and the "smoke ring". I foiled them when they reached 165* (about 4 hours) and then foiled...
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    St Louis Cut vs KC Cut

    Larry, this ? is for you and anyone else that can answer it. I was at the Restaurant Depot here in K.C and back in the cooler they have Spares ribs, one case was lable 'medium spares' and another case was lable 'light spares'. The diffrence in price was, the medium spares $1.28lb or $1.18 for...
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    Do you trim your pork spares to St. louis or not

    I only trim if doing for myself. When doing them for a customer, I will do the whole spare, thats what they are paying for the whole spare. And it cuts down on prep time when doing a lot of ribs. I have a order for 25 slabs for next month, I got 3 WSM so all I have to do is take off the membrane...
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    1st time w/ lump = Happy HH Brisket

    Great link, thanks craig!
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    1st time w/ lump = Happy HH Brisket

    thanks Dave, I will give it a try
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    1st time w/ lump = Happy HH Brisket

    Need y'all input, I have never used lump before, only charcoal. is lump good for long cooks like 12-14 hrs cooks? or is just right for the shoter cooks? and how about high heat cooks? I have seen royal oak at the west lake hardware store and they always sems to have a lot of it and at a good price
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    28 lbs of Brisket on 1 WSM

    Larry I have a question and then a comment/statement, are you useing lump or charcoal for your fuel source? I have notice on my last couple of smokes, useing the clay dish in water pan that even with all my bottom vent wide open my temps will hang around 240/250*. When I 1st started useing the...
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    Lower brisket temps (160's) seem to work for me.

    Hello Bill, this has nothing to do with your brisket cook but,are you a kc chiefs fan? if so why? why oh why and I stay here in KC and will not support that team. I am the local Prez. for RADIER NATION!
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    Spare Rib Timing

    I do my spares at 250* lid temp. from anywhere from 4 to 5 hours. I test them with the "bend test" and when a rib bone will pull from the other bone with a little rsistence but not fall out or off the bone. Or if I am in a crunch for time, like yesterday I did the 3-1-1, cook 3 hrs on smoker, 1...
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    HAPPY DANCE or something like that

    Have any one done a Happy Dance when they have taken their food off the WSM and it looks good? Look just like it would if it was pictured in a BBQ Cook book! I mean have you danced over yur food before or am I the only one. HAPPY 4th OF JULY everyone
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    Thanks J, I and all the others. I will smoked loin to 130*. I did do some reading on "tenderloins" and "loins" I am glad I checked in here first for ideals, seems like I was about to screw up a good chunck of pork.