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    Latest Software: LinkMeter v13 and firmware

    Well I think I solved my own problem. Culprit was the SD card. For some reason this particular one would not work with V13, not sure why. But anyhow, I swapped it out for a 1GB microSD card that was previously in a really old "Smartphone". Took it out, and put it in an SDcard adapter. And...
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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    So I received a few MG90s servo's in the mail yesterday. Test fitted the micro damper 3d print (mg90s version) with the servo.. The fit was alright, although I may need to reprint one of the copies (was made with polycarbonate for heat tolerance, that didn't come out as expected). Anyhow upon...
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    Latest Software: LinkMeter v13 and firmware

    Thanks for the reply.. But I believe I did try the v13 straight onto the card among my many retrys and sadly had the same results. Not sure what about the heatermeter is causing the corruption of my SD card. Without the HM, the Rpi works whether v12 or v13. I even tried clean v12 to v13 with...
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    Latest Software: LinkMeter v13 and firmware

    It's been a while since i've taken a peek at this site... My heatermeter 4.2.4 has been chugging along without major issues. Glad to see that there is an update with new features, and also the Micro damper thread just got me hooked again. Ordered some parts, had the micro damper shell printed...
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    PitDroid: An Android app for your HeaterMeter

    I've only cooked butt @ 250 as I've read many people have done 250-275 and still keep it juicy and moist, and with the added benefit of shorter times. As for your deadline.. yes I know it can be a pain in the ***! My last butt was last weekend for fight night (mayweather/pacquiao). The butt...
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    PitDroid: An Android app for your HeaterMeter

    Wouldn't that be the ideal world!! From my limited experience there's just too many variables to accurately predict the remaining time. Your example is a good one. Pork butt. From my 3 butts that I've cooked so far (i know... limited experience). 2 have hit the dreaded stall (9lb took 11...
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    Finished soldering, lcd has black row of squares...

    It more looks like an anti-static bag than aluminum foil, but nevertheless those anti-static bags are also conductive on the outside, and likewise the heatermeter should not rest on it when applying power.
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    Up and running on the first try! and Probe question

    Thanks for the quick Reply Steve... So in other words, just buy the recommended probes and be done with it! should have jumped on the Maverick probes when they were 1/2 price and the Canadian dollar was closer to par.
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    Up and running on the first try! and Probe question

    Built my heatermeter 4.2.4 last friday night, and finished off the LCD and remaining components the next day. Wasn't able to test until I had received the RPi B which was yesterday. I'm happy to say that she booted up on the first try, LCD screen lit up like a Xmas tree. BUT had no text, so I...
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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.2.4

    Ottawa eh? Some skating on the Rideau Canal? Parliament? or visiting some of the nice museums? Dress really warmly though, -25 C not gonna be pleasant. Have a safe trip
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    Primo Pure Servo control

    Very nice setup you have there. And exactly one I'm looking to duplicate on my Primo xl. Would you mind letting me know which model servo was used in this application? I would like to have greater X max like you did with the servo arm, but like you said it would require some serious torque...