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  1. Bill

    BBQ Cultures: Cool Weber interactive website

    drag the bbq mit over to the circle(lower part of screen)
  2. Bill

    New pad

    hope no animals trek across it.
  3. Bill

    overnight brisket

    good work! from what I can see, there is a smoke ring, it's just not a big one.
  4. Bill

    First Two Cooks!

    winner, winner! two smoked dinners! nice job on your first two cooks.
  5. Bill

    Pork vs beef

    what I bbq varies. I choose what to do based on price/craving/time available/number of people to feed. I don't really have a preference.
  6. Bill

    6520 Original Charcoal Pizza Oven

  7. Bill

    New toys for Christmas!

    grats! I got a pitmasteriq110 from my m-I-l. can't wait to use it.
  8. Bill

    Prime Rib on the left coast

    nicely done!
  9. Bill

    Time estimation

    we aim to please
  10. Bill

    Time estimation

    depends on how hot you're cooking them
  11. Bill

    Weber 22 1/2 One Touch Gold in Crimson

    looks good to me!
  12. Bill

    Let's see your seasonings cabinet!

    I feel so inadequate now
  13. Bill

    Take the TVWBB Pledge

    everything I've ordered from amazon came after using the link.
  14. Bill

    weber rib & roast holder?

    I believe it will
  15. Bill

    Wildlife Problems?

    unless that first nudge w/the nose knocks it over, I believe the dose of heat to the sniffer will discourage any further interest.
  16. Bill

    Very wet rack

    great looking ribs!
  17. Bill

    Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich

    I love new takes on stuff and your's looks like a winner to me!
  18. Bill

    Freeze Your Steak Before You Grill It?

    apples and oranges. steak house meat is aged before it hits the heat. not sure a dusting of cornstarch can replicate the flavor..etc of a properly aged steak. it would take a very detailed study accounting for all variables to make me believe.
  19. Bill

    Cold Smoking, Burgers and a New Camera

  20. Bill

    Pork Tenderloin Tips?

    tips? looks like you got it all figured out from what I can see. nice improvisation.