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    First big smoke

    That's plenty of food. No need for the chicken unless you just want to have another selection. Good Luck!
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    Pork belly and pork butt

    ... or you could do it the way I did. It's still grilling and it's perfect for an appetizer. I went with the teriaki version, but I'd bet a pig candy version would be tasty as well.
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    Pork belly and pork butt

    I cooked my first pork belly just this past weekend at a little local contest. The bellys (bellies?) they gave us the night before the event weighed about 8 lbs and they were not cured. I cut the belly into four, approx 2 lb rectangles. Marinated them overnight with a commercial teriaki and a...
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    Newbie in local contest just looking for suggestions

    First you'll need one of these: BBQ Comp Checklist This may help you with your timing:Oakridge Timesheet Presentation does count. The old adage, "They eat with their eyes first", holds true. Even just some green leaf lettuce (not iceburg) to frame up the meat always look nice. Maybe 10 mins per...
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    Emergency, Emergency!!!

    Got a patio umbrella? Take it from the table and set it up over the cooker. Put some bricks on it to hold it down! Or .... form some foil over the top vent hole so that it drains the water away from the holes. Or ... don't worry about it because the water will only hit the meat, thereby adding...
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    What pork butt injection do you like?

    j nailed it. It's more of a comp enhancement. Great for a bite or two, but you wouldn't want to make a meal of it. I've had some really tasty injected butts, but choose not to do it myself at comps or at home. But to answer your question, Chris Lilly's or one of the commercial injections...
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    Glaze or finishing sauce recipe?

    Hey paul h, I can't believe you hadn't heard of Hawgeyes till now. They are the best! If you're wanting the stuff the competitors use check out hawgeyes. Mike has it all. He's even got the newest version of Blues Hog. It's sorta like a smoky version of the original. Really good stuff! It's going...
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    Is Competion BBQ the new "NASCAR" ?

    I naively want to believe it doesn't happen (cheating) I know if I get a call it was fairly. I let fate hopefully take care of the rest. Just out of curiousity Vince, what sort of things do you believe are happening? If you'd rather not say, due to the "open can of worms" syndrome. I fully...
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    Is Competion BBQ the new "NASCAR" ?

    Well, it kind of sounded like it here ... I'm just sayin ... Steve, I see you're a new member. Please, please, please don't let my challenge to your comments deter you from coming here for some excellent and friendly advice. This place is great! You can learn/share a ton of ideas here with...
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    Is Competion BBQ the new "NASCAR" ?

    I just don't understand why people are so freaked out by a team with a camper!?! Are you more intimidated by a motorhome than say, a pop-up? Just because some people prefer to sleep in comfort or have a way to get out of the weather when needed that makes them the bad guys or the "Intimidators"...
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    WSMs Serious Competition Cookers??

    I wholeheartedly agree with Vincent. Congrats on the fine finish in Vegas!
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    HELP !!!!

    It is a mighty fine cooker! Ole Hickory CTO
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    Stumps vs FEC?

    Just curious Ryan ... why wouldn't you go to Peoria Custom Cookers? They build one heck of a cooker. Good enough for the current KCBS and Jack Daniel's World Champion! A little pricey maybe but you wouldn't have to pay for delivery. Which is usually a bunch no matter who you buy a cooker from.
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    Stumps vs FEC?

    Didn't mean to scare you away I'm like you in the sense that I prefer to cook dry and I needed more capacity. Out of all the cookers I've used or have assisted with, I would have to say that, by far the FEC100 is my favorite go to cooker. It's user friendly, it's cheap to run, it's...
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    Stumps vs FEC?

    I'd say it's a bit more work than the WSM, but once you get it dialed in that's where it stays. Depending on how you're cooking with it, (Guru, lump, briq, model, preheat) you can get extended cooking times out of it. With my competitor and the way I cook, I could get 8-10 hrs out of one load of...
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    question regarding unsanctioned contests

    Non-sanctioned events are tough! I'd say Russ hit the nail on the head though. Overcook it (by KCBS standards) and sweeten it up.
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    Flats vs Packers

    I believe you do get a slightly better yield with a flat ... maybe 15% more?
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    Stumps vs FEC?

    Hi Ryan. I've cooked on both the Stumps and the FE. I really, really like the FE's. There is a difference in the amount of smoke flavor an FE will impart compared to a charcoal/wood burning unit. But it's a difference that I like. It's never oversmoked and there are simple tricks to add more...
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    Couple of high heat packer questions...

    I may be too late to the game ... but about those burnt ends ... at 325-375* I wouldn't cook the point for an extra two hours. One would probably be better. Then cut into cubes, sauce (thinner sauces work better), and cook for another 30-40 mins. The timing your using now is for a 250ish cooker...
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    Foiling butts

    You should be fine. You could also wrap in foil around the 170* mark. When they get to about 195ish, pull butts off the cooker and open the foil for about 15 mins to release some of the heat, thereby stopping the carryover cooking. Close the foil back up and put in cooler to rest. Whether you...