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  1. J

    Chuck roast

    Thanks! Decided to just throw it in the Le Cruiset and stick it in the oven. Turned out great.
  2. J

    Chuck roast

    I have a 3.5 lb chuck on the 14.5 WSM sitting at 140 at the moment. It's been in about 3 hours so far. Would it hurt instead of foiling to just throw it in a crock pot at 180 to finish it off? Or is foil and leave it on the smoker better?
  3. J

    2013 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships June 28/29th

    I'll probably be volunteering to work the event as a ham radio operator, but since I didn't see anything posted here thought I would send it along. I went to this last year and it was fun. I don't go to a lot of competitions so can't really compare it to others. It will be at City Park in...
  4. J

    Hose damage by squirrels

    I have personally lost 2 hoses due to squirrels. After the second one got chewed, I gave up and always turn the tank off, run out the propane from the line, and put the line back in its box in my shed. I cut off the end of one of the old hoses and taped up the cut part and screw this onto the...
  5. J

    Santa Clara bbq competition

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but thought I would bring this up: The 2012 Silicon Valley BBQ Championships I will probably be checking it out in a while..
  6. J

    Cart for my 22.5" WSM

    Excellent idea. Does the rack sit outside in the weather? or is she garage kept? Also, are you able to pick up the center section if needed? I'm guessing not. (Of course, I've never seen a 22.5, so maybe it's not possible to lift that center section no matter where you keep it.
  7. J

    Rotessries for a Q200

    What rotisserie unit is that? Very interesting. Looks like the heat would escape very quickly, especially when opening the lid.
  8. J

    Do I leave the propane tank connected at all times?

    I have a regular 5gal propane tank connected via the hose, but I have to remove it because the squirrels have eaten through the house 2 times! I have to take the hoses off and put them in a storage unit so I don't have to keep replacing them.
  9. J

    Performing With A Performer

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Spencer P: Rolf, Thanks for the reply. The stupid question that I have is do you still use newspaper in the chimney when you use the gas ignition or...
  10. J

    Kettle pizza oven

    Well if you, me, and Shaun all want one, we can combine shipping and split it? Just a thought.
  11. J

    Frozen Onion Rings on the Q220

    The other day I was grilling some burgers and thought how nice some Onion Rings would go with them. (We had some Ore Ida Onion Ringer brand in the freezer.) Problem is that the house was a little warm and we were not wanting to run the air conditioner. The oven is electric, takes forever to...
  12. J

    cast iron grates

    Yeah I have a performer and the Craycort CI grates. Truthfully I would not order the Craycort CI grates if I had the chance to do it over. I am sure they are fine if you use them on regular grill, but they are really a pain in the rear to use on a performer. I hate having to disassemble this...
  13. J

    What do you do for work? *****

    Full time work: Network Engineer at a large Silicon Valley networking equipment provider. Weekends: California Air National Guard. Doesn't leave much time for long cooks/smokes but I try to fit them in when I can.
  14. J

    Craycort's Cast Iron Grate

    Reviving an old thread.. I really wish I had read (reread?) this post before ordering my Craycort Cast Iron grates. If I didn't have a performer I am sure I would love these. The grill marks are awesome as everyone else says, and they do hold the heat. I didn't quite like that the grills...
  15. J

    Food safety question...

    Kevin, Very interesting reading. I have read this and many other of your linked posts. Somehow I always seem to mess things up then get worried about food borne illness. I did a smoke of a Boston butt and a pork shoulder. I pulled the pork shoulder immediately and ate it right a way. I...
  16. J

    Was the Q Line of Grills Designed for the Australian Market?

    Do you have links for the cookbook and manual you downloaded? Thanks in advance
  17. J

    Cast-Iron-Grate Club

    I've been using my Q200 CI grate in the Performer. I can't remember who I got the idea from, (someone on the board), but it works great! (pun intended). It is a bit hard to move around when hot, but for now I'll take it.
  18. J

    N00b Member loves his WSM (With pictures)

    At first I thought this was an April fools joke with all that food. Great job putting the wsm to use. I've gotten some of the Nob Hill Tri-Tips and I agree, those are really great. They send out sales fliers but I have missed the sales recently. I'll keep my eyes open for the next sale.
  19. J

    Weber Q Model Comparison Chart

    Thanks the table is very helpful for anyone looking into which Q to get.
  20. J

    Weber Q Model Comparison Chart

    Thanks Mark, But shouldn't the 20lb LP tank be listed as 'optional' on the Q100, Q120, Q200, Q220?