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    Burner tube

    Thanks guys !
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    Giving up your gasser?

    I like having my Q320 for easy starts when I don’t have time to light charcoal on my kettle.
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    Do you have the LED light "Grill n Go" for Q series?

    Caspar, I use a Walmart head lamp from wal mart. The kind that stap onto your head. Cheap and works well for me. Esp if the power goes out.
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    Burner tube

    Any ideas on why only 1/2 of the middle burner tube will light and not the rest of outer tube ? Thanks all
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    Wonder why the Q section is so quiet?

    My 3200 gets used all year round. It’s great when I don’t have time to light the charcoal on my kettle grill. As said simple design, easy to use. I am on my 2nd set of grates. Grill is 7 or 8 years old.
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    Loved the flavor that stubs used to give the food. Have yet to find anything close.
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    Weber Fireplace Kettle?

    I would use it in the fireplace in my grandparents home. The fireplace was pretty large.
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    Q grates

    Thanks again everyone.
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    Mother’s Day Flank Steak

    Looks fantastic !
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    Wooden folding table

    Also late to the party, but super nice !
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    Q grates

    Thanks all. Bruno, I have a similar brass brush that I have been using. Dealer said only use a plastic type brush or you will scrape the porcelain finish off.
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    Q grates

    What is the best tool to to clean the grates ? Do you season the grates before use ? Thanks all.
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    Recent $50 Q320 pickup

    Nice find, can the grates be saved or is that rust.
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    lump charcoal mixed briquettes smoke level in food

    I have found stubs charcoal adds a bit more smoke flavor. Maybe it's just me though.
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    Try Emu -- a better beef

    RichPB, osterich is available on the set coast. get taste, same benefits you listed, but expensive.
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    Pork Tenderloin Steaks

    been using this method since i read this about 6 months ago. i use a rolling pin to flatten. i also use wax paper or plastic wrap. whatever i have on hand. tsk chris.
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    Need a new waffle maker...

    i have an old, "great grand ma's" griswald CI maker. easy to use, just keep oiling it after use.
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    Slicing knife recommendation please

    i have a Henckels pro 10" chef knife. works well for me.