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    Your most powerful grilling memories

    I hear you Chris! My nostalgia for watching my dad grill as a kid most definitely has a waft of lighter fluid, but even at that young age the primal thrill of watching him build a fire to cook meat was there. Nothing like the smell of burning wood/coal and fat vaporizing in the coals. Gary
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    Chicken Pot BBQ and Garlic Knots

    Thanks for sharing this John. I have played with the chicken pot bbq a few times. It is good and simple to start with, but the vinegar flavor overpowered my kids. I cut 1/4 cup soy and most of the vinegar (added enough to flavor). I substituted an Asian cooking wine, and added chicken broth...
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    The Greatest Myths about BBQ

    Any cooking outdoors is bbq. Low & slow is the only way to great bbq.
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    "the best BBQ Store"

    If you are ever passing through east Orlando check out this place. It is disney world for Q fans. Gary
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    Food Saver quick marinade device?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by mk evenson: Rita, yes I ran through the complete cycle 3x. It is impressive to see the chicken plump and rise in the brine as the air is evacuated. I...
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    My 26" kettle island

    Dan, that setup rocks! Mine is more enclosed then yours and I have no noticeable issues with ventilation and desired temps, can’t image it is a problem here. Gary
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    Propane Torch for lighting

    I use the torch exclusively. I torch a small pile (about 10 briq.) until all are lit, directly in the kettle. Then I add whatever amount and wait a few minutes for the remainder to ignite, or go ahead and get settled into a quasi minion method fire. I use the kettle at least once a week and...
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    My WSM Cart

    Stefan, I can speak to some of these issues. My WSM and kettle are built in, however, my materials are concrete board and tile. Your biggest issue is going to be the wood drying out over time. My enclosure (mostly the counter top where the kettle is in contact with the enclosure like the...
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    How'd you get into barbecue? *****

    Necessity. I found myself with the task of preparing the meals for the family. The grill was the first thought for handling meats. When I realized the families satisfaction with what was on the table, the game was on. One thing lead to the other. gary
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    Soaking chunks - Chris, I respectfully disagree

    To have a bunch of billowing smoke is not desirable. Going after “blue smoke” requires the fire to be hot enough for a slower/cleaner burn. If you are burning at a temp that is hot enough for this the moister content of the chunk seems negligible. That fire is hot enough to dry that out...
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    UDT= Ugly Drum Tandoor

    Very Cool! Gary
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    Grilled...yes..Grilled Ribs

    Kevin, if you have an afternoon with no time limit do you go with a higher temp, shorter cook time, or low and slow? For what ever reason I prefer the mouth feel of the ribs when I cook faster. They are still tender, but with a little more bite. Maybe I am just better able to time the...
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    Grilled...yes..Grilled Ribs

    Here is a good thread about grilled spares. This is a go-to these days. Richard, what kind of temps are you working with? I shoot for 350-375 range for around 2.75-3.25 hrs. I would like to know how to get them done in one. Gary
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    A longer burn process for kettles

    Once fully lit you move them over. Gary
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    #5 Sauce?

    Here you go. Gary
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    Favorite store bought rub?

    Dizzy Pig Byrons Butt Rub Home BBQ - Sweet Orange Habanero Lotta Bull - UnBullievable Gary
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    Do I really need to get a WSM if I have a OTS?

    If you have mastered your hand at controling temps on the kettle, and enjoy a bit more tending of the flame go for another kettle. If, on the other hand, you want to free some time the wsm can do that. It does what it is designed to do very well. Gary
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    What do you do for a living? *****

    Golf Instructor for nearly twenty years. Currently, stay at home Dad. Gary
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    WSM Cleaning 101

    Same cleaning method here, Larry. Fire is good! Gary