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  1. Sam Bee

    Nexgrill Charcoal Kettle Grill with Cart

    Just saw this on Costco today... What do you guys think? I'm liking the cart and thinking about buying it and swapping it with a Weber kettle. I'm hoping the warehouse will carry it physically so I can see...
  2. Sam Bee

    Weber Briquettes - $9.99/bag!

    I meant $9.88/bag. Only at BrandsMart USA though, I think their stores are in Florida and Georgia. Good price if you live near those stores.
  3. Sam Bee

    Weber Grilling Station

    Just saw this of Offer Up... I kind of like it. What do you guys think?
  4. Sam Bee

    Tomahawk USDA prime Ribeyes!

    Treated myself and my dad this past Father's day with these bad boys... Getting ready for the cook... On the grill with the SnS... Oh yah...this was cooked to med. rare (sorry no pic of the meat inside, I was too excited LOL) Well worth it IMO since Costco was running a special...
  5. Sam Bee

    Broilmaster acquisition

    Guys, I may be picking this one up later today... For the folks that have rehabbed this grill, how heavy is it? It's only going to be me picking it up and I hope the seller can help me load it onto my truck. Also...
  6. Sam Bee

    Q rotisserie

    Just saw this on Amazon... Tempting but I already have one for my Genesis.
  7. Sam Bee

    OMG...should I? Ok guys, what do you think? Good find or bad headache?
  8. Sam Bee

    I’ve never seen this one before...

    For those of you in IL...
  9. Sam Bee

    Grillin Tees!

    Hey all, Saw this online today... There's some pretty funny ones. Just thought I'd share just in case if anyone is interested. That site is owned by Amazon so you can use your Amazon credentials to order. Oh, and apply coupon code...
  10. Sam Bee

    Grilled tofu...should I even ask?

    Hi Jamie, What do you think of or have you ever tried grilled tofu? Of course I like my meats and stuff but sometimes you just have to try and eat healthy once in awhile. I'm really liking grilled tofu (firm) marinated in miso, sake, mirin and sugar.
  11. Sam Bee

    Slow n Sear

    Hi Jamie, what are your thoughts on the Slow n Sear? Meathead of touts it as "the Single Best Accessory For The Weber Kettle Ever." I've used it a couple of times and I think it's really convenient but not necessary. Also, is there a specific brand of charcoal you prefer? I'm...
  12. Sam Bee

    Griddle or grate

    Hello all. I stumbled on these 2 items for the Q and was wondering...would it be better to use the Q as a griddle or a grill? If anything, any one of those would be a better...
  13. Sam Bee

    SS flavorizer bars for the Genesis II series grills

    Looks like our good friend RCplanebuyer is now selling the SS flavorizer for the newer Genesis II grills... I've no doubt that these will be...
  14. Sam Bee

    Weber Tiki Torch

    Yes, that's right...a tiki torch made by Weber! Didn't know Weber made these at one point.
  15. Sam Bee

    Purple Q

    Hey all, just picked this up... I thought it was a good deal as it comes with the cart and folding tables and haven't seen much purple Qs around. Haven't really expected it yet but it looks like the igniter button is missing? I'm hoping it's an easy...
  16. Sam Bee

    Weber Q - Harley Davidson

    For you Harley Davidson fans out there...
  17. Sam Bee

    Weber Lantern

    Here's a Weber lantern if anyone is looking for one...
  18. Sam Bee

    SS cart Genesis Platinum C

    I'd be all over this like roaches on a sugar cube if I didn't have one already... For those of you looking for one and are in the area now may be your chance (if not claimed already of course). Oh, and the...
  19. Sam Bee

    OvenGrate by GrillGrate

    Ok folks, what do you think of this one? I don't have their grates for the grill and am not interested in them but I know a lot of folks like theirs.
  20. Sam Bee

    ABC Slow n Sear Deluxe Kamado!

    Ok folks, what do ya think? Could this be a worthy competitor to the Weber Charcoal Summit?