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    Fresh Butterball Turkeys on sale @ Costco

    Yup my wife nabbed the butterball deal at Costco also got a 13 pounder.
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    Smoking Another Turkey This Year

    Spatch is the only way I would ever do a turkey or a chicken again. I did a 14 pounder in my UDS last year took 2:45 at 350, cut the drumsticks off let them run another 15 minutes tented the breast while the drums finished. Just the wife and I this year got a 3 pound butterball breast...
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    Cleaning and restoring kettles

    The last one I did was a performer for a friend of mine. I sprayed it down with this...
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    WEBR reports sales and plans with Q3 results

    A little bit of breathing room.
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    Making igniter hole in MT bowl for SSP refurb?

    Paul outstanding job on that especially converting it to gas assist which is not an easy task again great job.
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    Roast or smoke a 12 pounder this Sunday

    I have a similar pair from Amazon big difference doing a spatch chicken and doing a spatch turkey way more work and not cause your weak just a lot harder to get through it but you will. Last year I did a 14 pounder on my UDS spatched took 2:45 then cut the drumsticks off and let them run...
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    Chris, about your new vid on replacing thermo

    What about just putting one of these over the hole and be done with it.
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    Turkey Talk forum now open

    Same here but I do love turkey so a 3lb Butterball Boneless Breast is hopefully on the menu daughter is working she is a nurse son in law going to his mothers so just 2 of us. $13.72 for a 3 pounder at walmart remember when it was $10 bucks but that okay no waste and it will be cooked on the...
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    ABTs, Wings, Couple Wrapped Shrooms and a Butt

    Too funny have had them many times my wife makes them never called them ABT learn something new every day.
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    How to stop the Weber getting too hot for low and slow?

    Amit one more thing if you are going to try Briquettes they still sell Weber Briquettes in the UK on Amazon I beleive or maybe you could find them at a local store. They do not sell them in the US anymore but they are the best Briquettes I have ever used and there are probably a number of...
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    How to stop the Weber getting too hot for low and slow?

    Amazon sells the SNS Plus which I assume is Deluxe in the UK. Unfortunately its alot more money over there looks like around $160 us dollars. Not a currency genius so could be wrong. Tim I remembered he was in the UK so posting prices we paid here over a year ago was kind of silly on my part...
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    How to stop the Weber getting too hot for low and slow?

    If you should decide to go the SNS Deluxe route I would wait till around Black Friday as they should have a sale on Amazon or their site. Right now in the US Amazon has it at $104 dollars which is a sale I guess and so does SNS. Back in Sept 2021 they had a labor day sale think it was on their...
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    How Long SHOULD Scheduled Maintenance Take?

    Rumour on another site they were implementing SAP maybe the ordering system was the last to be upgraded.
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    How to stop the Weber getting too hot for low and slow?

    Amit they sell the Slow N Sear Deluxe in the UK that is what I use on my performer and its been worth every dime. I use water in the tray, some don't but I honestly believe it helps keep the heat more manageable. I like you do not do that much low and slow and I have a dedicated smoker by the...
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    Not pretending to be a financial adviser

    Bumping this, tomorrow is the last day to grab some of these ibonds paying 9.62. Got mine yesterday took me 9 trys to get the account open thing was crashing all day then took me 3 more trys to buy them but finally around 7pm got my confirmation.
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    WEBR reports sales and plans with Q3 results

    Thanks for asking yes I am okay just had a busy month with some travel and other things. BDT might throw them a bit more for the shares but they really don't have to they stated no interest in selling and with the Weber debt level nobody else will step in. So BDT sold some shares at the IPO...
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    26 inch performer Cedar and 2x3s

    Tom love the side burner so is that a 20# tank underneath the cabinet to fire it up?
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    Is 2-zone cooking easier on the newer N-S burners than the old E-W style? How about searing?

    No they are not depending upon which model you get depends on BTU's and other factors. I would look for one of the newer Weber grills used that had the open cart I don't know the new model numbers but someone here can fill you in. You said you don't have time to do a restoration so to me stay...
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    Is 2-zone cooking easier on the newer N-S burners than the old E-W style? How about searing?

    I had many N/S grills before I ended up doing a rehab on a Silver C and a 1000 which is E/W if that grill ever blows up I will go back to N/S have no interest in doing rotis and you stated you got a newborn on the way congrats. Your time will be important so want a rotis chicken go to Costco or...
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    I will just leave this here

    You never know maybe someone dreams of making pizza at home then reality hit with the amount of work it would take as opposed to going to your local pizzeria and just buying one with a few brews. Lots of people on the forum make pizza seen some incredible results but that is not something for...