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    Weber Genesis Gold $25.00 ATL

    Not many rehabbers left in GA anymore I suspect like me did 2 or 3 and then retired. If I had a friend who wanted one which is all I will do anymore this would be a great candidate its that short lived model think they did it for 2 years if I remember...
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    Gen 1 Performer ATL

    This is a really good deal for someone looking for a used Performer in the ATL.
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    Weber in their report exiting unprofitable product lines. Guess what those lines are.

    Okay for fun lets have a thread on this what is your guess. Lets try to keep it to 3 choices so I will start off. The Poland plant does kettles and Q's so they are safe not that I ever thought the kettles would have a problem just stating what they said. 1) June might have been the dumbest...
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    Smokefire EX4 Gen 2 Atlanta

    Not sure what the deal on this is says new and thats a good price. No interest from my side but maybe somebody wants to give it a shot...
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    Weber Summit Kamado - ATL

    Not mine as much as I lust after one of these not gonna buy one that does not have the gas assist and table and willing to pay more for that. I have a Perfomer with gas assist and the metal table with an SNS so good for now sooner or later I will find the model with the gas assist and table...
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    Traveler GA Not Mine Hard to be at that price.
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    Blowout Sale Weber Smokefire Stealth

    This is a blowout sale? I know its a Stealth but Lew and Bruno and some others buying the deal for $999 for an EX6 looking like those were wise purchases...
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    Thermopro TP829

    I bought one of these today it was 50 bucks with a $5.00 coupon had some Amazon Pts so into it for $18 bucks. Better half knocked my Maverick off the Performer table on to the pavers during a July 4th cook o_O it still works but its long in the tooth. I don't do a lot of slow cooks really be...
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    First Time using Slow 'N Sear Need some help.

    Doing back ribs for July 4th usually would use my UDS but I had bought a Deluxe SNS when they had that great sale awhile back so I want to try it on my Performer. My UDS won't last forever so need to come up to speed with the SNS. Any tips from SNS users you can give me shooting for 275 temp...
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    KitchenAid Gas Grill Costco

    I saw this the other day at Costco's for some reason its coming up as $849 it was $699 I am almost positive at my store. Interesting is that my store does not carry Weber Gas Grills anymore they had one in there a few months ago but its gone only KitchenAid is available for Gas Grills and...
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    Vacumn Sealer Bags

    Lightning deal only got about 13 minutes or so on Amazon.
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    Cook Earnings Report

    Not sure this thread should not be in just conversation if so Chris please move it. Traeger like Weber actually worse than Weber reported after the bell and the results were awful. Guiding down for 2022 stock down 17% as we speak. Weber was down as much as 5 but now down around 3.88 this is...
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    Sad Weber EX4 Marketplace Atlanta

    Some guy about 3 hours ago in ATL listed an EX4 from 2020 for $50 bucks I saw it hit him up with a message but it was gone. Listing removed said it was hardly used my zgrill came big dent so that is going back even I would have bought that for $50 bucks.
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    Harbor Freight Small Wet Vac

    I got tired of dragging my Rigid beast from the basement to the garage when cleaning car interiors or the garage or whatever. Picked this up today seems to be a good price and since I just bought a pellet grill will be able to use it for that also. Hose is only 4' cord is 10' though no problem...
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    HD Z Grill Sale

    Seems to be a cheap way to get into a pellet grill no idea how good these things are but the entry price won't kill anyone...
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    1000 Firebox some other parts.

    I got a 1000 firebox not warped its true needs 2 on the right side posts to be drilled out but those posts are intact not a big deal drill them out fill with JB you will be good. Also have a black lid obviously has the fade and some side caps as well as the wire hanger for the small drip tray...
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    Stones in ATL Nov 11

    Well to my surprise asked my wife if she wanted to go to the Stones in Nov she is all in playing at Mercedes. I saw them in Boston maybe 35 years ago getting old maybe is was longer than that but Billy Preston was playing piano. Still pissed I did not see Tom Petty when he ran through Atlanta...
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    New Lid Bale for Performer Item 65188

    I know this has been discussed before but just did this today as I was sick of the lid tilting the way it did in the bale that came with the grill. I bought from Weber think they did give me a bit of a discount so it was $35.23 with shipping and taxes think on Amazon it was 39 bucks and change...
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    Mothers Day King Crab on the Silver C

    Wife wanted King Crab for Mothers Day and that is what she got. Bought some Filet's to go with the crab fortunately did not cook them the crab legs were a pound a piece my wife myself and daugher were stuffed with the crab we did eat a few twice stuffed baked potatoes though 2 left tomorrow so...
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    Broilmaster Premium ATL

    I know there are some fans here not myself and this has been up for about 3 mos so maybe gone by now who knows.