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  1. Mark Foreman

    Old School Thanksgiving

    This year, we are going old school for Thanksgiving. Heritage Turkey, spatchcocked, 275 on 22 WSM with Pecan wood. WSK gets a day off. Doing it per Chris’ article here on TVWBB. Sourdough dressing, moms recipe, from when I was a kid. Garlic mashed potato - Joy of Cooking (JoC) Candied sweet...
  2. Mark Foreman

    Santa Maria Tri-Tip Complete dinner recipe

    Found this on line at Santa Maria valley website. Makes a complete Santa Maria tri-tip. Rub, meat, beans, salad, and bread. I plan to try it soon. Santa Maria Cookbook
  3. Mark Foreman

    Raining … I busted out my slow cooker

    We finally got some rain here in Petaluma so I broke out my slow cooker for pot roast. The CI Dutch over has been my go to slow cooker for over 30 years. Dinner is served.…
  4. Mark Foreman

    For the sweet tea lover

    We drink a lot of iced tea in our house. We really like peach tea. Here is how we make peach sweet tea. Start with peach tea. We use a local blend from the Petaluma coffee and tea company (AWESOME PLACE). We brew 1 tablespoon peach tea to 8 cups boiling H2O. Allow to steep for 30 minutes...
  5. Mark Foreman

    Tire Tread Potatoes

    Tire Tread Potatoes Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 50 min Difficulty: Easy Servings: 4 servings Source: Mark Foreman INGREDIENTS 4 large baking potatoes, Yukon Gold is preferred. 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon ground chile (I use ground California chiles, Hatch is...
  6. Mark Foreman

    Genesis II for 2

    Did steak dinner for the wife and I on my SE-335…. New York steak with mushrooms. Side is potatos and salad. cook.. dinner is served….
  7. Mark Foreman

    4 pound brisket

    I m doing a “mom on trip” dinner with my kids. Have a 4 pound brisket to smoke. We are having BBQ beans (in smoker), cole slaw, and apple pie. Here is my question….. the brisket came from a local CSA, is the flat - do you think I should inject it. Was thinking bone broth and butter.
  8. Mark Foreman

    Grill manufacturers … how to count how many

    Read on the internet that Weber continues to have a big market share in the grill market. Love it. I prefer Webers and have for 35 years plus. However, there has been comments here on the decline of the Weber market share. With that being said, I started to try to figure out how many grills...
  9. Mark Foreman

    Ninja Smokefire grill

    Saw an ad for this: Its electric and they show it in all sorts of outdoor settings but never show the cord. Anyone seen this?
  10. Mark Foreman

    Santa Maria Tri-Tip

    Santa Maria tri tip Barbecue Prep Time: 4 houtrs Cook Time: 45 minutes Difficulty: Medium Servings: 8 Source: INGREDIENTS 1 Whole Tri Tip 5 to 6 lbs Santa Maria Style Spice Rub 1 ½ Tablespoons fresh coarsely ground black pepper 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon sweet...
  11. Mark Foreman

    Using pickle juice in brine

    Am making a copycat Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich. The recipe I am using calls for a brine made with pickle juice. Not something I have seen a lot of. anyone else a pickle juice user? Here is a picture of what I’m recreating. Will have sauce on it.
  12. Mark Foreman

    Not so high on Jealous Devil anymore

    This is the second time I found ceramic debris in a bag of JD. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. Mark Foreman

    E6 for two

    I have been using my E6 to make dinner for two. 3/4 of a small chimney of JD is what I use. Works grate (!). Yes, there is hot JD under there….
  14. Mark Foreman

    Kitchen Hack - what’s yours?

    What’s your kitchen hack to share? Here is one I use. I had a bunch of paper “clamps” lying around so I found a new use for them. I use them to hold bags closed.
  15. Mark Foreman

    Green Chile Cheeseburger - what cheese?

    Making chorizo/ground beef chile cheeseburgers. Bun, ground beef and chorizo are all homemade. ‘Topping are avocado, tomato, green chile, red onion, mayo, mustard, and cheese. Planning on using pepper jack but most recipes I see online call for cheddar. What would you use?
  16. Mark Foreman

    New griddle

    Bought a new Lodge CI griddle on sale from Amazon. It’s perfect for the 2 of us. 1st use was dinner on the stove. Results were excellent. Here is dinner… perfecto for 2
  17. Mark Foreman

    Dinner in the kitchen

    After 5 straight day of grilling, I decided to give the stove a workout If I can remember how to use it (😁) On the menu, all homemade: spaghetti sauce Spaghetti pasta (used semolina) Baguettes Chocolate chip pecan brownies
  18. Mark Foreman

    Homemade Tri-Tip sandwich

    For dinner. Will try to get better picture. May serve with Tater Tots (I know…. hehehe) Tri-Trip done on the WSK with JD XL. Homemade: Texas BBQ sauce (THANK YOU HeyGrillHey). burger buns picked jalapeño rings dill pickles From friends garden: tomatoes red onion Locally made cheddar cheese...
  19. Mark Foreman

    Just found this article…. About Weber Interesting reading…..
  20. Mark Foreman

    Northern CA - WSM 14

    Looking to sell my WSM 14.5. It’s a 2020. Wanted to give the TVWBB members first crack at it before it goes onto Craig’s List. Would like $175, but it’s a bit negotiable. Only used a handful of times, no mods installed. Second from the right…