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  1. Karl Quist

    Wanted: 18” WSM water pan equivalent

    Chris, if you are able, would you mind reaching out to them about the Brinkman pans? I should have bought one when they were more readily available.
  2. Karl Quist

    Turkey Time!

    Thank you! The Brussel sprouts were great. To be fair though, they were sauteed in butter and bacon, so the threshold was low.
  3. Karl Quist

    No Turkey, No Cry…pork baby! Cubano style!

    Wow! That just looks outstanding! What a delicious looking meal. I'm drooling over here.
  4. Karl Quist

    Turkey Time!

    We had dinner with my extended family on Thanksgiving, and I worked yesterday, so today was the day for our own little Thanksgiving dinner. We had a 14.5lb Buterball, and even though it is already injected with stuff, I did a scaled back mini-dry brine for 2 days in the fridge. While I was...
  5. Karl Quist

    The wrong bird and half a post

    Come on with that! I could eat that every meal, every day.
  6. Karl Quist

    First crack at smoked bison

    Ohhh that looks really good! How was the moisture level? Bison is so lean it's hard to keep the moisture level good.
  7. Karl Quist

    One Word: Spatchcocked

    Hi Michael, welcome! I think 20-25 minutes is about right for the unlit coals to get lit and ready to go. Maybe a little more depending on your conditions. If you start cooking before the 2nd chimney of coals is lit, it just takes a little longer for your smoker to get up to that higher cooking...
  8. Karl Quist

    Well, that's an interesting failure mode. [automotive]

    That's not a very nice outcome for that order. I'm sorry to say, but Rock Auto went on my naughty list a few years ago for some of the same issues. Shipping was expensive, and then shipped incorrectly, and then CS was horrible to top it off.
  9. Karl Quist

    One Word: Spatchcocked

    I went through 3 other pairs of poultry shears before I finally bought the OXO ones. They are fantastic. I wish I had bought them to begin with. Spatchcocking that big turkey will certainly help with cooking it evenly. You might even want to consider cutting it up into quarters. Have a happy...
  10. Karl Quist

    First Ever Tomahawk Steak

    Yes sir! Nice buy on that, and a great cook. Your mother-in-law has a nice son-in-law.
  11. Karl Quist

    Pastrami on the 22" WSM

    I won't say some of the (good) words I thought of. That is OUTSTANDING.
  12. Karl Quist

    Stick immersion blenders - any reccos of buy and/or avoid?

    I had to look it up too: She Who Must Be Obeyed
  13. Karl Quist

    Fresh garlic substitutes

    I used to buy the jar of minced garlic at Costco, now I buy the bag of whole cloves at Costco and freeze them. Take a couple/few cloves out at a time and keep in the refrigerator to use, and store the big bag in the freezer.
  14. Karl Quist


    Thank you, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who have served. I went with a few fellow veterans to visit a some gravesites today. Lots of stories told of both the good times and the bad. It was the Marine Corp birthday yesterday, and one of my Marine Corp friends invited me to a "birthday...
  15. Karl Quist

    Smoking Another Turkey This Year

    I'm in the same camp; spatchcocked and smoked on the WSM. My family won't let me cook it any other way. 2021's turkey fresh on the WSM:
  16. Karl Quist

    McRib McRIP?

    I usually get a McRib when they bring it back each year. I just haven't been able to get motivated to do that this year. No particular reason just doesn't sound good this time. As for it maybe never coming back? It seems like they say that every year. I'm with Chris, they will definitely bring...
  17. Karl Quist

    $80 traveler, read for more info.

    That's a nice outcome. Party at Chris' house!
  18. Karl Quist

    Turkey Talk forum now open

    Costco had frozen turkeys for $0.98/lb last year, and I bought 3; cooked one, gave one to a family in need, and put one in the deep freeze. I still have the one in the freezer and will probably just use it this year. I meant to cook it during the summer, but just didn't get around to it. If...
  19. Karl Quist

    Cold smoked salmon 🍣 (lox) in about 2 days

    Following along. I made some gravlax last year, and going to try some cold smoking this year.
  20. Karl Quist

    Do KBB get stale?

    Our fearless leader did a burn test with some Kingsford from 1984. Burned fine.