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  1. BFletcher

    Bulletin Board What's new vs New posts

    Can someone explain the distinction between the two? Thanks!
  2. BFletcher

    Schulz/Peanuts Article

    Hopefully you can read this without a subscription, if you have interest:
  3. BFletcher

    In Search of Mini Sifter

    Do any of you guys or gals know where I can buy a small sifter as depicted here in this video clip, which appears to be approximately 2" diameter and has no handle? This would be very suitable for my novice bread-making endeavors. Thanks!
  4. BFletcher

    A T-Bone on the Q (and a Rack on the M1)

    I still need to break-open the GrillGrates but the Q grates are in great shape :)
  5. BFletcher

    How to Perform Search for Ham and Bean Soup

    What would I enter in the Keywords field to obtain the best-possible results for ham & bean soup? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  6. BFletcher

    Meijer 81/19 Ground Beef

    You folks might grind your own beef but around here I buy grocery chain ground beef for vegetable soup, chili, and hamburgers. Up until 2 years ago I could hold-out for $1.99 sales and stock the freezer but that bargain ended until today. This is the best price I've seen for quite some time:
  7. BFletcher

    Grill Grates Firebox Safety Question

    I don't want to hijack Bruno's thread, so here I am. If I buy GG's I would buy a set to cover my new S670, which would also allow me to use them on the 2016 E-330. Do you experts have thoughts on how a full set could possibly affect the firebox or its life span? I'm assuming when I say they...
  8. BFletcher

    A Couple Shoulders and some Brats

    There's nothing too exciting in these pics but being with the family and pondering the meaning of this treasured Holiday was immensely heartwarming; we had a perfect evening of fellowship yesterday. First, the prep of two shoulders. This pic is borrowed from a prior cook last month using the...
  9. BFletcher

    Bachelor Weekend with SmokeFire and Katie

    Over Easter weekend I did a ham and turkey on the SF. It was a frustrating cook; my third party thermo reported the grate temp was dropping and never recovered. So I employed human intervention and made matters worse. A flameout occurred because I was fiddling and then the patio looked like a...
  10. BFletcher

    Old Cook Logs - Comical

    I began my outdoor cooking journey late 2015. Many of you started long before this. Sometimes, when I look at those old logs I chuckle at my notes, which I suppose is a testament to some progress I've been able to make thanks to your collective help. Do you find any of your own logs are amusing?
  11. BFletcher

    What Do you Use for Poultry (esp. Turkey) Shears?

    I have a set of Cutco #77 shears that generally work well for me in the kitchen except for when I attempt to remove a turkey backbone. After yesterday's experience I refuse to struggle with them anymore for that activity. Do you have something that works reasonably well on turkeys? Do any of...
  12. BFletcher

    Weber Summit Burn-through issue question

    I'm not even in front of my new Summit right now where I can understand if it's accessible to consider this as a barrier but there have been a couple recent threads that have discussed the burn-though problems in the firebox panels. I bought a new S-670 last year. Could I consider a heat shield...
  13. BFletcher

    Will You Name your Go-to Site for Recipes?

    No offense to this impossibly perfect site but--if you were to stray from the recipes found here--would you have one, main go-to site if you were looking for something new, or possibly wanted to explore a tweak to one of your own recipes? Mine over the past few years has been...
  14. BFletcher

    KCBS Discounts Question

    I hope those of you whom are KCBS members for reasons other than discount codes won't cringe that discounts would be my main interest. I didn't want to hijack @Rich G's short ribs post with this but does KCBS offer a perpetual discount at Creekstone Farms? Does it include a shipping discount...
  15. BFletcher

    Wild Fork Online Meats

    Do any of you have personal experience with this online meat seller? I read their Our Story page but I'm curious about your experiences. Edit: I saw a recent post from Michael in the Photo Gallery but thought I'd ask here to see if others have experience.
  16. BFletcher

    Wearing out My Welcome Here: Brisket

    If I don't slow down I'll end up with more posts here than in the Humor thread. Honestly, I think I could live life without brisket, though I do love pastrami (and burnt ends but I normally use chuck). But to feed a crowd I thought this one item would fit the bill with simplicity and others...
  17. BFletcher

    Friday night Tri-tip

    To go along with his Saturday Night Fish Fry hit, I wonder if Buddy Guy did a Friday Night Tri-tip blues hit that I haven't heard. Thursday was #15 for Shelley and me; we'll probably go to her favorite restaurant this weekend but while hanging out last night I did a hunk of red meat and added...
  18. BFletcher

    Nearly a Midnight Snack for Dinner

    There's one thing consistent with us; we rarely maintain a planned schedule. And it seems to get worse as we grow older. I worked from home yesterday, so I snuck outside at about 1 PM and prepped to throw these on. Looks like most of the brown sugar was on the parch paper: I will need to buy...
  19. BFletcher

    SmokeFire Take 2: A Happy Camper

    Maybe I should wait until I've used it more before posting this but patience is not always my virtue :p . Earlier this year I purchased and returned a SF because of significant instability. I bit again and got it assembled Friday before our Chucky was released from the animal hospital. He has a...
  20. BFletcher

    Lodge Sportsman

    At least it's available but if memory serves pricing up-to 2020 was ~$89. $150 is not economical enough for me to bite...