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    The Humor Thread

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    Steak Marinade

    I season but don't marinade my steaks. Happy Birthday to your wife! I hope you have an awesome evening :) (I'm not trying to imply that you should not do a marinade; I just simply cannot offer input)
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    The Humor Thread

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    Hamburgers - Room for improvement

    You're doing this often enough that, soon, you'll achieve the consistent results that you want. When I do burgers I dump my coals from the chimney after they are well-ashed, or very close to it. With all due respect, I hold the opinion that you dumped yours too soon. This pic (borrowed from the...
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    Keeping the area clean

    I dedicate a can that I linked above for used coals.
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    Keeping the area clean

    I made it sound as though you were being unsafe... my apologies, lol.
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    The Humor Thread

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    Keeping the area clean

    I use this or maybe a 10 gallon metal container wherein I dump my spent coals and ash: I typically dump the day following a cook and keep the can on a concrete slab for days before I get rid of it. But I'm not an expert, so others should chime-in.
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    Keeping the area clean

    I recommend using extreme caution when removing spent coals, or ash. I searched but cannot find a recent thread where a couple folks commented on how long ash can maintain unsafe temps. I know @Chris Allingham commented on that thread but don't recall whom was the OP.
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    Keeping the area clean

    I'm in good company, because I'm as sharp as a marble. I focus on similar actions that you, Darren, and TFL noted; when I cook with charcoal I work with a pair of shoes that don't make it into the house (my clean house shoes are inside the doorway). I wear gloves and scoop charcoal from the...
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    The Humor Thread

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    Cabin cooks- T Bones and breakfast!

    Beautiful-looking food and home.
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    Converting a gas grill to charcoal - Pros? Cons? Anyone done it and satisfied? Heads-ups?

    I'm not smart enough to comment on converting a gas grill for charcoal fuel nor on the topic of aluminum. But this reminds me that PK has aluminum charcoal cookers.
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    Best Thanksgiving EVER

    I love this; thanks for sharing!
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    Bulletin Board What's new vs New posts

    Can someone explain the distinction between the two? Thanks!
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    The Humor Thread

    One more...
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    The Humor Thread

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    Schulz/Peanuts Article

    I can remember as a toddler getting quite upset if any of my family talked while I sat in front of the TV watching an episode :rolleyes:
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    Christmas Dinner Advice Needed – Making Brisket in December

    Maybe a 20 pound brisket simply won't fit and I realize you stated that you tried every which way, but have you experimented with draping it over something? A few examples: Several folks spoke to draping it over some wood chunks in this thread...
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    This years Turkey

    Wow; that looks beautiful!