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  1. Randy

    Hinged grill grates with a removable center

    I have a vortex and I love it it's great for wings things you like crispy. But it kind of is doing some damage to the grill grates that I have with my performer. I like the hinge aspect of the ones I have now. But I'd like to keep the hinge on each side and have a removable center. Anyone know...
  2. Randy

    Got to see if this is working

    Long time lurker just try to hook on with some photos
  3. Randy

    Great Deal

    Found a Weber Spirit E 210 new in the box at Goodwill. Been looking for a while, so I picked it up for $130. Had some damage to the box and it looked like it had been opened. Got it home and had time today to put it together. All went well until I found the igniter button was broken and the...
  4. Randy

    Tastes like bacon, only it’s good for you

    Researchers at Oregon State University may have discovered the Holy Grail of nutrition: a new superfood that tastes like bacon. I think I will stick with pig....